Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Dresses

I realize this post is a little late.  However, we were a little late for Easter this year.  The night before Easter, Emily had an upset stomach, so we actually didn't go to church on Easter Sunday.  Instead, we went and wore our "fancy" Easter clothes the next Sunday.

The past two years, I have used Easter as the one time during the year when I did the "cutesy" thing and dressed my girls alike.  I bought them the same dress, just in different colors and they looked adorable!

2009 - Doesn't Rachel just look thrilled?!?

This year, I decided not to do the "cutesy" thing.  This was primarily because Rachel can't stand for Megan to do anything like her and Megan can't stand for Emily to do anything like her and I can't stand to create any sort of additional reasons for my girls to fight - they do plenty of that on their own.  So, we went to pick out dresses, each choosing her own.   It was actually fun to see how the dresses they chose reflected their unique and individual personalities.

This is the dress Rachel chose.  It is her favorite color - turquoise.  It also has a little sparkle on the sash, which is an added bonus.  It is as skimpy as I will let her wear (she loves anything with spaghetti straps, etc.).  The bottom is pleated and "swishy," but not "poofy."  Like Rachel, it gets attention without being outlandish.  It is everything she would describe if you asked her to describe the perfect dress.  It was the perfect choice for her.

Megan chose this one.  Its color is just like Megan - indescribable!  It is not pink and not orange, but somewhere in between; kind of coral-ish, I guess.  No matter what you call the color, it is bright and beautiful.  The polka dots make if fun and whimsical.  Finally, it makes noise.  The bottom is poofy and makes a "swishy" sound anytime Megan moves (which is pretty much constantly!).  It represents Megan well - noisy, whimsical,bright, and beautiful!

This was Emily's dress.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but it is big; just like Emily's personality.  The bottom of this dress is quite poofy.  The color is also a bit deceptive (like Emily) because of the white, lacy overlay.  The poof; the lace; the flowers - this dress is over the top and, therefore, commands attention - just like Emily!

Here they are all together.  It was hard for me to let go of the "cutesy" this year, but I am glad I did.  Collectively these dresses are unique and beautiful - just like my girls.  

**I'm sure you have noticed that there are no pictures of the girls IN these dresses this year.  However, I do have some wonderful pictures of them in these dresses that were taken by David's cousin, a professional photographer.  Also, in my defense, I did try to take pictures the morning when the girls actually wore these dresses to church, but they were not "in the mood" for pictures and I was not "in the mood" to fight with them, so I just skipped it knowing that the professional photos were waaaaaay better than any of the ones I would have gotten anyway!    

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