Friday, June 17, 2011


It is blissfully quiet at my house right now.  All my kids have gone up the hill to harass spend quality time with their cousin and my in-laws.  I really should be working on my grocery list, planning what to make for supper, or cleaning something, but I'm not.  Instead, I have been sitting here cruising some of my favorite blogs and it gave me an idea for this blog.

You see, many of the mom bloggers I like have given their family members nicknames.  Maybe it's for privacy; maybe it's for humor - whatever the reason, it seems to be a very popular thing to do.  I have chosen not to do that here on my blog, but while I was reading the others today, I started thinking about what nicknames I would give my family members if I ever decided to change.  Here's what I came up with:

Rachel would definitely be called "The Vegetarian."  That's a no-brainer!  For those who don't know the story, Rachel LOVES animals.  The day before Thanksgiving in 2009 (she was 7) she heard a stat on the radio about the number of turkeys that would be "consumed" in the U.S. the following day.  It was one of those "light bulb moments" for her.  She realized that all those turkeys would be killed.  Same for cows/hamburgers, chickens/chicken nuggets, etc.  Through tears, she vowed that she would never eat meat again.  As of today, she hasn't!

If I had to give Megan a nickname, I would probably call her "Red Bull" for two reasons.  First, when you are around her, you might think she's had a few Red Bulls to drink. She is constant motion and energy - from sun up until sun down (and then some!).  Secondly, she also tends to be a "bull in a china shop."  If there is anything broken or spilled, it is a pretty safe bet that Megan had something to do with it.  She has walked into walls (literally), fallen down stairs and in the shower, and spilled or broken too many things to count.  (I guess the broken leg at 18 months old should have been a clue, huh?)

I would probably refer to Emily as "Rapunzel."  She is currently fascinated by all things Disney Princess.  This fascination was sparked by the Tangled movie.  For several weeks, she wanted to dress up like Rapunzel and even got creative by putting tablecloths and blankets on her head, pretending they were her long hair.  She has decided she wants to be Rapunzel when she grows up.  In fact, she even came home from preschool one day with a project in which teachers had asked the children what they wanted to be when they grew up.  The project occurred pre-Rapunzel phase, and she had given a different answer.  When she brought it home, she insisted on making a brand new one that said correctly that she would be Rapunzel when she grows up!

Finally, there's my wonderful hubby.  A nickname for him would be pretty easy.  He is the only guy in the house, so he could be called "The King" (i.e. the King of the Castle).  However, continuously being referred to as "The King" might give him the wrong impression (we all know who really runs this place), so maybe I would just call him by his initials, D.W.

Maybe I will use these from time to time in my blog posts.  Mostly, though, this was just for fun.  What do you think??  If you know my family, do these names fit??  Do you think I should use them more often???

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Unknown said...

I have also noticed the nickname trend, but I just use plain old names, too. I like the nicknames you picked,though. Perhaps I will share the nicknames for my family on a post, too. Good idea!

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