Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sisterly Advice

This is a conversation I overheard in our minivan yesterday between Megan and Emily. I'm not sure what sparked their exchange and I don't think there is any additional commentary I could add! :)

Megan:  Emily, let's pretend that, when you are at preschool, one of your friends comes to you and tells you to go tell your teacher her outfit looks stupid.  Would you do it?

Emily: No.

Megan:  That's right.  You shouldn't do that because that would be a bad choice.  What should you do instead?

Emily:  I don't know.

Megan:  You should tell your friend "No, I'm not going to do that because that is a bad choice."  OR you could say to your friend "O.K.", but when you go to your teacher you don't say, "Your outfit looks stupid."  Instead, you tell her that she looks pretty.  Usually it is not nice to trick people, but if you did it this way, your friend wouldn't get mad and you wouldn't get in trouble.  Do you understand??

Emily: Uh-huh.

Megan:  O.K.  Now, Emily, do you like to beat things?

Emily:  Ummmmm......

Megan:  It's o.k.  Just answer the truth.  You won't get in trouble I promise.  Do you like to beat things?

Emily:  Yes.

Megan:  O.K.  So make two fists with your hands.  Let's pretend this hand is the good choice and the other is the bad choice.  Which choice should we always make?

Emily:  Ummmmm. . . .

Megan:  The good choice, right?  So let's take this hand that has the bad choice and let's just beat that bad choice away.  (She pounds one fist on the palm of the other hand and Emily imitates.)  Doesn't that feel good, Emily, to just beat that bad choice away?!?

Emily:  (just giggles)

Megan:  O.K.  Emily, so what did you learn??  If your friend tells you to do something that is wrong like telling your teacher her outfit is stupid, what are you going to do??

Emily:  Beat them up like this!  (Pounds her fist against her palm as Megan demonstrated earlier.)

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