Monday, October 24, 2011

Drivers' Ed

Nine years, one month, and 2 weeks.  That's roughly how long it will be until Megan gets her driver's license.  Scary, huh??  Well, with all the experience she is currently getting "driving" from the backseat, in nine more years she should be a very good driver!  You see, Megan seems to be rather fascinated with the mechanics if driving (not the mechanics of the actual vehicle) and, when she is in the backseat of the minivan, she often unloads a plethora of questions and comments about the road, other drivers, and everything we do behind the wheel.  Here are some of the comments and questions I have gotten from her lately:

Why are we going so slow?
Cant you just pass that guy??
Do you have your high beams on?
What is the speed limit on this road?
How do you turn the windshield wipers on??
Do you have to turn on the signal thingy if there is nobody behind you??
Why are the yellow lines straight sometimes and broken sometimes?
"Watch out for that guy on the bike!"
and my favorite. . . "I am rolling down my window. Can you go faster???"

Have I mentioned that she has already ALMOST gotten a ticket?!?!  (Well, almost got my hubby a ticket because she was literally hanging halfway out the window in the backseat of his car!)  Have I also mentioned that she tends to be easily distracted and accident prone???

Yep - nine years, one month, and two weeks.  Watch out world, here she comes.  You have nine years, one month, and two weeks to get ready or get of the road!!!!

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