Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show Me The Money!!

On more than one occasion this week, I have felt a little undervalued as a stay at home mom.  The latest of these incidents happened during dinner tonight when my oldest daughter stated "having tea and talking" is what moms do all day.  The other "jabs" came from outside of my family, but they did still sting.  So, in an effort to validate myself - and all of my wonderful stay at home mom friends - I stared to repost my Job Description of a Mom.  Then, I tracked down the following information and thought it was even better.  I am posting it here for everyone to see - and to remind myself that stay at home parents are monetarily just as valuable as any other adult, even thought we don't actually get a paycheck.

In May of this year, published a study they had done in which they surveyed over 6500 moms and compared their work to that of people with other job titles in an effort to put a monetary value on the job of "MOM."  According to their findings, stay at home moms should ear about $115,432 per year - and well over half of that would come from overtime wages!!!

The study found that a typical stay at home mom works about 97 hours per week in the following "positions:" day care center teacher, household CEO, psychologist, chef, housekeeper, doing laundry, computer operator, facilities manager, janitor, and driver.

This quote sums it up pretty well - “We see [Mom] as the compilation of 10 jobs in one person,” said Evilee Ebb, general manager of “The breadth of Mom’s responsibilities is beyond what most workers could ever experience day-to-day. Imagine if you had to attract and retain a candidate to fill this role?” 

So there!  I have sufficiently vented and now I am going to go finish my tea! ;-)

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Mackeys Moments said...

Amen! I totally agree! :)

Anonymous said...

Well said! Now imagine trying to work full-time and do all of that. We Moms don't get a break either way. I actually get flack from the stay-at-home moms for working.... even though I work out of the house, so I am still home when the kids get home from school... (OK, WAS, since they are no longer school-age!)

Robin Kramer said...

I always feel validation when I hear things like this. (Kiss hand, place on forehead.)

Good job, fellow mothers.

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