Thursday, February 23, 2012

Security - sort of.

Because DW travels so much, we have been contemplating a security system for a while.  We finally bit the bullet and had one installed yesterday.  We, of course, had to explain everything to the girls.  Honestly, I think they are way more freaked out now than they ever were before!  Some of their comments and questions:
  • Why would someone break into our house?
  • What if there's a fire?
  • Now I won't have to lay awake in bed at night being scared about someone breaking in! (Really - you did this before?)
  • What if it goes off while we are in the house? (They have some serious "scared-of-loud-noise" issues.)
  • How does it know whether to call the police or the firemen?
  • Why does it beep every time we open the door?
Last night, as always, I went to check on the girls before I headed to bed.  The oldest rolled over half asleep and said, "Did you turn the alarm on?"

On the way home from church last night, Megan reminded me at least 2 million times to be sure and turn it off when we got home.  Of course, this morning, she called dibs on turning it on before bedtime tonight.

It's all they could talk about last night and it was the first thing they asked about this morning.  

We did it in an effort to keep us all safer.  Although we may have accomplished safety, I think we have also traumatized our kids!  I can only imagine what will happen if it actually does go off sometime (and inevitably, I'm sure it will) - perhaps we should start a fund for their therapy now!?!

Then again, maybe I can use it to my advantage. . . . . . 

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1 comment:

Jeri Kleiber said...

Wait until it goes off in the middle of the night for no reason :) I don't know if you read my post about our alarm going off in the middle of the night...check it out...

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