Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank You!!


This is the number I saw this morning on my blogger dashboard under the category of "Pageviews."  If you are not a blogger, that basically means that someone has clicked on The Golden Spoons website 10,129 times!!  That's incredible!

There are some blogs our there that probably get that many pageviews in one day or one week.  It took me almost a year and a half.  Some have hundreds or thousands of followers - I have 12.  There have even been some viral posts in which a single blog entry has gotten hundreds of thousands of views.  Some blogs even generate income through advertising and sponsoring product reviews.  My blog is not one of those blogs.  It might be nice to have a larger following, but I am just fine with my current little piece of the inconceivably ginormous internet.

I write my blog for my family and, as it turns out, for my friends, too.  I love it when people comment on my blog or see me later and say "I loved that story!" or "I completely understand.' or "That made me smile/laugh!"  I have connected with some other bloggers who write similar blogs and I love keeping up with their families, too.

I say all this to say - THANK YOU!!!!!  For every time you have read; for every time you have commented (online or in person); for every time you have clicked to vote for my blog; for every time you have shared it with someone else.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!


Martha said...

I feel the same way that you do! I get excited every time I roll over the next 100! I think we will both be very happy we have these "diaries" of the day-to-day stuff. There's already so much I've forgotten about when my kids were really little.

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Isn't it cool (and kinda weird at the same time) to know that so many people read what you have to say? :) It's kind of flattering.

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