Monday, June 25, 2012

Beach Vacation

We live right smack in the middle of North Carolina.  That means we are a few hours away from the mountains in one direction and a few hours away from the beach in the other direction.  I grew up in the mountains and I love it there.  The mountains feel like home to me.  They give me a certain feeling of comfort and familiarity.  I also love the beach.  While the mountains feel like going home, the beach feels like getting away.  I enjoy the peace of the ocean waves and the breeze.  It is calming and serene.  I didn't go to the beach much as a kid, but the Witherspoon family has a tradition of spending a week at the beach every summer.  I have been a Witherspoon for 12+ years now, so it is a tradition in which I gladly participate.  Last week was our week at the beach for this year and it was fantastic.  Here are some highlights:

Our niece went with us this year.  My girls love her, so it was great to have her along.  I love this picture - they are in perfect order by age and all looking down. (L to R: Rachel, Victoria, Megan, Emily)

As you can tell by their expressions, the water was a little chilly the first couple of days.  It didn't stop them from playing in the waves, though!

There was also plenty of playing in the sand! :)

On Wednesday, we went to visit the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  The girls had fun and even got to touch a baby angel shark!
Of course, Rachel refused to turn around for the picture!

The girls also learned to Boogie Board this year.  They loved it!  (Except Emily - she loved it for about 15 minutes until when a wave went over her head.  My mother-in-law was right there and grabbed her up, but Emily's nerves got the best of her after that!)



Under the pier is always a good spot for pictures!
L to R: Rachel, Emily, Megan, Victoria

DW and Me!


Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Looks like such a fun time!

Donna said...

What a great location you have! Your post reminds me of my summer as a kid. My parents would always take me to the beach with my cousins. It’s something we all looked forward to when summer started. It was like a tradition. =) I hope you have a great summer this year!

Donna Parsley

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