Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overcoming Fear

My little one has a couple of major fears - bugs and heights.  We are still working on the bugs, but she is making great strides with her fear of heights.  Case in point:

Earlier this week, I took the girls to Safari Nation.  It is a fun, indoor playground with lots of bouncy houses, inflatable slides, and a zip line.  Emily had been there before for a birthday party.  Although she wanted to try the zip line at the party, she just couldn't overcome the fear she felt when she was standing on the platform looking down.  When I took the girls, Rachel and Megan climbed up and took off without hesitation.  Emily tried, then she tried again, and then again.  She just couldn't do it and each time she climbed back down the stairs, dejected..  Then, she tried one more time.  She looked petrified, but SHE DID IT!!!  She stepped off the platform and held on tight.  At the end, she dropped to the mat below.  She got up with the biggest smile on her face and announced, "That was fun!"  Then, she did it about a million more times.  She was so proud of herself and she should have been!  Overcoming fears is not easy.  Sometimes it takes small steps and sometimes it takes a great leap of faith - faith that there will be a soft landing and feeling of exhilaration that will make it all worthwhile in the end.  

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Martha said...

Way to go, Emily! Don't you just love watching these little moments of success? It makes all hard parts of parenthood worthwhile!

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