Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Miss Negativity

Remember this character?

Now, remember this one? 
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I'm naming this one Little Miss Negativity.  You see, Rachel has this not-so-endearing quality of always focusing on the negative things in life.  Even in seemingly happy situations (like trick-or-treating), Rachel seems to find a negative aspect (like having her picture taken) and lets that negativity cast a cloud over the whole thing.  Here are a few other examples:
When we go out to eat, she should enjoy the time with family and be thankful that we can afford to go out.  Instead, though, she always seems to find fault with the service, the lack of vegetarian options on the menu, or the temperature of the restaurant.  Shopping with Rachel is nearly impossible.  Practically every article of clothing is too itchy, too tight, or too uncomfortable in some way.  She always has something negative (read - mean, belittling, harsh) to say about her younger sister, Megan, and can't seem to find any common ground with her lately.  
Monday, the kids were out of school.  Rachel had an orthodontist appointment in the morning.  A friend of hers came over in the afternoon to work on their science project in the afternoon.  Then, at bedtime she discovered her little frog was dead.  As I held her and she cried on my shoulder (literally), she said "Two thirds of this day was terrible!"  "Two thirds?" I asked.  "Yes," she replied.  " The orthodontist ruined the morning and now this has ruined the night."  "Well at least you got some time with M," I said in an attempt to console her.   Her response?  "Well, that was just to do homework."

See what I mean??  Negative, negative, negative.  Each of my girls is so unique and special.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, as do we all.  I try very hard to recognize and embrace all of their wonderful and not-so-wonderful gifts.  This particular gift of Rachel's , however, really is about to make us all nuts!  I sincerely hope and pray that this is just another phase she is going through and that she will outgrow it - soon.  And, I am writing this not only to vent, but because I am honestly concerned for her.  As I have told her, there will unfortunately be plenty of negative things in your life - sad things, bad things, make you mad things - but, if you let those things take over and lose sight of any happiness and joy you will surely live a very miserable life.  (And so will those around you.)  Obviously, I don't have the answers or a magical method to change her outlook on life.  For now, I guess we'll just keep plugging along, emphasizing the happy, and, above all else, loving our Little Miss Negativity and all her wonderful, beautiful uniqueness.

Rachel, if/when you read this - SMILE!!!!  Life is beautiful.  You are beautiful.  You are loved more than you could possibly imagine.  You can light up the whole world with your smile if you will just let it shine through! 

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