Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Ten - Songs on my iPod

Last week, I started my first ever weekly post called Tuesday Ten.  (Click here to see last week's list.)

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Tuesday Ten on The Golden Spoons
This week the topic is the Top Ten currently most played songs on my iPod!

I'm a southern girl through and through, so many of these are of the country genre, but there is a little variety! :-)

  1. Hey Pretty Girl - This is a new song by new artist Kip Moore.  I love it so much - probably because it reminds me of my hubby (who hates it when I post mushy stuff like this!).  Listen here.
  2. Highway Don't Care - by Tim McGraw, featuring Taylor Swift & Keith Urban on guitar - I really like this song but haven't listened to it as much since I watched the ACM awards about a week ago.  I can't get Taylor Swift's weird, overdramatic "dancing" out of my head.  (Maybe it's just becasue I'm not a Taylor fan.)  What do you think?  Watch it here.  
  3. Downtown - Lady Antebellum - Love Lady A and this song is fun.  My girls like it, too, but it's a good thing they don't really know what "a dress that shows a little uh-uh" means!  The video is funny, too.  Watch here.
  4. Learning to Fly - Lady Antebellum - This is a remake of the Tom Petty song and I love it.  You can listen here.
  5. Bruises - Train & Ashley Monroe - This is a combination of pop and country with these two artists.  Great message, too.  Listen here.
  6. Daylight - Maroon 5 - I have somewhat recently become a Maroon 5 fan.  This is their most recent release.  Watch it here.
  7. Sure be Cool - Blake Shelton - I like this song, but Megan LOVES this song.  Anytime we are in the car she asks to listen to it.  Good thing she think it says "pink lemonade sugar" rather than the actual word - shooter!  Watch it here.
  8. 50 ways to Say Goodbye - Train - This song just makes me laugh and the girls think it is funny, too.  The video is also hilarious.  Watch here.
  9. Payphone - Maroon 5 - This song is very catchy and I think it is a great pick-me-up.  It is really too bad they had to mess it up with a bunch of curse words.  I did put the "clean" version on my iPod, but it has the rap segment where all they did was muffle the dirty words, so I try not to play this one when the girls are listening!  Here is my preference - the clean, no-rap version that is, sadly, not available on itunes.
  10. Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not - Thompson Square - This is hands down Emily's favorite song ever.  She always requests it which is why it is still in this list even though it is not that new.  Listen here.
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Next Week's Topic: Ten Pinterest Recipes I have tried or want to try soon!

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