Thursday, June 20, 2013

If I could have dinner with anyone in history . . . . .

If I could have dinner with anyone in history I would choose my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather.  

If you have read this blog much at all (or just glanced at the header) you know that family is very important to me. I'm don't just mean my hubs and kids, either.  My extended family is also very important to me. 

Unfortunately, I never got to meet my maternal grandmother.  Her name was Jewel (isn't that a great name) and she passed away before my brother and I were born.  I hear that she was a great lady and an extra specially wonderful cook.  If my mother is anything like Jewel was, then I know she was a wonderful woman.  I loved Papaw, my maternal grandfather.  I used to help him in his garden and and watch him build things in his workshop.  Looking back, though, he always seemed a little lonely to me even after he remarried.  I'm certain he missed Jewel.  I've missed her and I never even got to meet her. I would love the chance to sit down with her - even just once - eat something incredibly delicious from her kitchen and just spend a little time getting to know her.

I was very close to my paternal grandmother.  I called her Mamaw.  For a long time, I was her only granddaughter and, after having two sons and three grandsons, she put me on a bit of a pedestal.  I remember cooking with her, grocery shopping with her.  The third blog post I ever wrote was about how much my oldest reminds me of my Mamaw.  However, my paternal grandfather, Paw, passed away when I was three years old and I have very little recollection of him.  I seen pictures and know my dad looks just like him.  My guess is my dad acts a great deal like him, too, but I would love to be able to sit down with him.  I'm sure he would have all kinds of stories to tell me and I would gladly soak them in.

Even though both of these grandparents were gone too soon from my life, I am grateful that they are part of my history and I am proud to say they were my grandparents.  I hope they are all four - Mamaw, Paw, Papaw, and Jewel - walking together on the streets of Heaven.  And I hope that, when they look down on me, they are proud of what they see~

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