Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Q and A with Rachel

In previous Tuesday Ten Posts, I have shared my interviews with my youngest daughter, Emily (6), and my middle daughter, Megan (almost 9).  Truthfully, I didn't think my oldest daughter, Rachel (11), would be interested in doing a Q and A session with me, so I was surprised late last week when she asked what my next Tuesday Ten would be about and hinted that she would like to have her turn at the interview.

I'm glad she did the questions with me.  She is kid who is very wise for her age.  As you will see inner answers, she is passionate about animals and dedicated to her "cause."

Q and A With Rachel

1.  I know you love animals and want to be a zoologist.  What is it about animals that you love so much? They can teach us things like how to get along and survive.  Most of them are nice.
2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose and why? It's hard to choose just one, but if I absolutely had to I would choose a koala because they are cute and cuddly and they don't eat that much.
3. What is your favorite season and why? I like spring because that's when lots of baby animals are born.
4.  If you got to do all the cooking and menu planning, what would we be having for supper tonight? Macaroni and Cheese, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob (Just for the record, she has been a vegetarian for almost 4 years now because she was appalled when she found out eating meat meant killing animals.  However, she eats very few fruits and vegetables and survives on carbs, obviously!)
5.  Do you like your name "Rachel?"  If you could change it, what would you name yourself? Not particularly.  I would name myself something that doesn't mean "innocent lamb."  Probably something like Zoe or Alexia or Alexandra.
6.  What is your all time favorite book or series? Percy Jackson.
7.  If you could have one super or magic power, what would you choose and why? I would choose the ability to talk to animals so I could know what they were thinking.
8.  Your favorite colors are teal and neon green.  Those are a little different, so why do you like those colors so much? Because they are different.  Most girls like purple and pink, but I want to be different and I don't like purple and pink.  Why not go with something that is unique?
9. What is your favorite thing about middle school so far?  Least favorite? My favorite thing is having a little more freedom like walking to classes by ourselves.  My least favorite thing is all the homework.
10. I know you like to travel.  If you could take a trip anywhere you wanted tomorrow, where would you go?  Why? Africa to go on a safari!

I would say that sums up my Rachel pretty well!  :-)

(And she hates to have her picture taken, so the fact thatI found 5 photos for this collage is a miracle!)


The Dose of Reality said...

LOVE her interview! I love that she likes different colors because they are different! She rocks! Also, love the name question and her reason for why she would want to change it. :) So cute!-Ashley

Janine Huldie said...

Another great interview and Rachel is just a beautiful young girl. Thank you for sharing a bit of her here today with us. Seriously, have so enjoyed these Tuesday interviews with all three of your daughters!! :)

Tamara Bowman said...

Very cool answers. I want a koala for a pet too, and I think talking to animals would be a great superhero power. I'd love to extend it to babies too. My toddler has SO much to say to me and gets very upset when I don't understand him.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

She is truly a unique and wonderful kid!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks Janine! I have enjoyed doing them and I hope that someday they will read them and enjoy them too!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Yes! She also loves kids and would love to talk to babies as well.

Dana said...

I love a fellow carb-lover! Given her love for animals, I can see why Rachel doesn't want to eat meat. Loved learning about all three of your girls, Lisa - you've got some keepers!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

That is exactly why she does't eat meat - if you have to kill it she won't eat it. She won't wear real leather either! And, yes, I think I'll keep them. :-)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Love the pics of Rachel. Also love her alternate names. If I had had a girl Zoe was on the short list. "Alex" was also on the list for boy or girl.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I have no idea where she cam up with those names. I knew she wasn't thrilled with Rachel, but have never asked her what she would change it to before! :-)

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