Tuesday, July 29, 2014

STRANDED! (#TuesdayTen Linkup)

Have you ever noticed that Americans seem to be a bit obsessed with the idea of being stranded on a deserted island somewhere?  It started back int he 60's when Gilligan's Island  first aired on CBS.  Later, in the 70's and 80's, the show was again made popular through syndication.  Then, in 2000, there was the Tom Hanks movie, Castaway,  that was hugely successful and earned Hanks a Best Actor nomination.  Also in 2000, CBS aired the first episode of the series Survivor.  That show is entering its 29th season and is still extremely popular.  Versions of the show also air in many different countries.  The most recent manifestation of this fascination with survival is the Discovery Channel series called Naked and Afraid in which one man and one woman who, upon meeting for the first time, are left in some harsh climate to survive for 21 days with absolutely nothing but each other and their wits - no tools, no food, and no clothes.

Why are we so enthralled with this idea of survival??  I have no idea.  In fact, to me, it sounds like pure torture.  My family has actually been suggesting lately that we try a camping trip, but I am just not a "roughing it" kind of gal.  Living in the wilderness without basic modern comforts does NOT sound like fun to me.

Nevertheless, when I saw something like "What You Would Take With You On a Deserted Island" in a list of blog prompts, I knew it would be great for our Tuesday Ten!  It actually turned out to be much harder than I thought, though.

Of course, I would love to take my iPhone and my computer with me, but assuming there would be no electricity, I suppose they wouldn't do me much good.  I realize also, that very few people actually plan to end up on a deserted island, so making a list like this is a little ridiculous.  However, the way my kids have been bickering this afternoon, the idea of being stranded, ALONE, on a beautiful beach somewhere is sounding better and better!!!

So, here are . . . . . . .
  1. Fire Starter - I like my creature comforts, but even I know I would need light, heat, and protection.  I would take some sort of fire starter.  Matches would run out and could get wet, but surely there is something at my local REI that would be more durable!
  2. Tent - Instead of trying to build my own shelter out of bamboo and vines, I would just take a tent - if I was planning ahead.
  3. Food - I would take as much non-perishable food as I possibly could because I have no idea what would be available on my deserted island and I am not very good at fishing.
  4. Water purifier - If REI has a firestarter, surely they also have some sort of water purifier, too, right??  I would need one of these to make sure I have water that is safe to drink.
  5. Books- I imagine there would be quite a bit of "down time" during the day, so I would need something to keep me busy.  I would love to have some good books to read and maybe even a few how-to books that could help me with my survival skills.
  6. Pen and Paper- I'm a writer and I need to write.  I would want a pen and paper to keep track of the days and to journal about my experience.
  7. Basic tools - Even though I'm not excited by the idea of "roughing it" and have never actually been camping, I know I would need some tools.  I would definitely take a few knives - some large, some small.  I would take a few other basic tools as well that might come in handy like a hammer and a saw.
  8. Clothes and shoes -  I wouldn't take a whole wardrobe, but it would be nice to have a couple extra things so I could wash and have at least semi-clean clothes.  Shoes would be a must as well because injured feet are not good!
  9. Pictures - I wouldn't want my family to suffer with me, but I would want to have pictures of them.  If I wanted to give up, maybe the pictures and thoughts of getting back to them would keep me going.
  10. An endless supply of sunscreen and bug repellent - Okay.  This is a little far fetched, I know.  However, this fair skinned girl would be cooked if I was in the sun all day every day and I cannot stand bugs.  So, if I'm making an imaginary list, I'm taking sunscreen and bug spray!
**And, then my husband chimes in and says "Why don't you just take a solar charger for your phone and computer?!?!"  Well, If I had know there was such a thing . . . . .  .

What would you take if you knew you were headed to a deserted island?

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Janine Huldie said...

I love how your husband chimed in here and must admit I am so not sure if I would survive being stranded, because I am truly a bit high maintenance. I mean like you the computer and charger would definitely be missed!! ;)

Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom said...

Ha! Awesome! Your list is totally practical (like you said, it's not like anyone would most likely be able to plan for being on a deserted island).

Bug repellent would be a must for me - ugh - I can't stand mosquitoes! I would probably make sure my clothing items included one of those mesh net hats just so I could keep the bugs away from my face.

I love your list. Thanks for sharing.

Marcia Shaw Wyatt said...

Yep - a solar powered generator. We lose power quite often during storms where I live - so hubby and I have had many conversations over the years concerning generators. They're not our most interesting conversations (mind you), but somewhere along the line he told me about solar powered generators ... and somewhere along the line, I made a mental note that if I were ever stranded on a deserted island that I'd need one of them. :) Love your list and this week's topic. Thank you very much for hosting his fun link-up!

MamaRabia said...

There are some times when I wouldn't mind being stranded on an island!! :) I probably should have picked a tent, but I went with a beach umbrella.

Jennifer Hall said...

I didn't think of a tent. Guess I figured I'd just sleep on the beach. Probably because I'd consider this a VACATION. Also didn't think of some way to start a fire. Silly me.

Katie Markey McLaughlin said...

Your husband's such a practical thinker! I would be totally screwed because I have literally no survival skills.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Totally agree - I would not last long without the comforts of home. If we were ever stranded together, we would be in trouble, huh?? :-)

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

One of those hats would be great! Definitely seems a bit silly to plan for being stranded, but it was fun!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I didn't even kno the solar powered generators were a thing until my hubby mentioned it. That would definitely be helpful, but probably hard to pack!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Ha! Yeah, it sounds a lot better when you phrase it as "alone on a beach" instead of stranded on deserted island!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Perhaps, I've just watched too many survival shows! :-) So glad you link dup this week!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I have none either - just recalled a few shows I've seen and tried to remember what was most important for them!

Lissie @GiggleNScreams said...

I would like to have WiFi on my deserted island. (This list can be fantasy, right??)

Tricia at Raising Humans said...

Sunscreen, yes! I always wondered about that on Lost - how all of those fair skinned people weren't completey red by episode 3!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Definitely some "behind the scenes" help, I'm sure!

The Dose of Reality said...

I like your list. I'd definitely need sunscreen and an endless supply of books...but the solar charger is now way up there on my list! My husband is an Eagle Scout who loves camping and knows how to do all sorts of things. I don't even like to eat outside on a patio. I probably wouldn't last long stranded on an island! --Lisa

Rea Alducente said...

Gosh Lisa, we pretty much have the same things in our lists! Great minds, hehe! Like almost all these are also in my list and in order too! :) This is a great prompt by the way!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I wouldn't last long either! Maybe we should send our hubs and kids camping while we do a spa day! That's much more my style! :-)

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Great minds, indeed! Glad you had fun with the prompt!

MamaRabia said...

My kids stress me out endlessly, but I guess if I think about it they can help me relax sometimes too. I need to focus on that more often and remember the less stressful times instead of the hair pulling ones!

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