Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In the Wink of an Eye

I struggled this week when it came to writing this post. Let's be honest - I knew the prompts for this week before anyone else and two of the words in particular stood out to me. Over the past few days, I have let the words "ruminate." I've thought about them and tried to see how these words weave in and out of my days. Yet, nothing came to me, so I went to the internet for inspiration. (Here's a tip: if you're "stuck," pick a word and do a Google search for images of that word even if it's a word that does lend itself to images.) My search for "Maybe Images" quickly yielded a photo with this quote inscribed: 

Instantly, my mind was flooded with flashbacks of the weekend. We went to my niece's first birthday party. Her parents, my brother in law and sister in law are in that stage of life: the stage that is filled with diapers and naps, schedules and sippy cups. Their home is cheerfully decorated with toddler toys and by gates. Many of their friends in this same stage of life came into their home toting diaper bags and newborns in car seats. 

At one point, my three girls (7, 10, and 12) were enthusiastically entertaining a room full of toddlers while I was jokingly advising their parents to run while they had the chance. In the midst of tiny feet scurrying around us, I said to my husband,"Wasn't that just us? Weren't our girls that small just yesterday? When did we become the 'seasoned' parents spouting advice to the 'newbies'?" It truly seemed like it all went by in just the wink of an eye. 

That's how life is, though, isn't it? The days and stages seem long, but when we view it in retrospect, it seems that time has flown by at warp speed. 

In this year, 2015:
  • I will celebrate my 20th high school reunion (assuming someone plans it and assuming I choose to go!)
  • I will also celebrate my 38th birthday - only two years from 40.
  • My oldest daughter will officially become a teenager. (Be still my heart!)
  • David and I will celebrate our 17 wedding anniversary.
Some seem to be major milestones; some not quite so significant. All are mind boggling. 

Just yesterday I was a self-conscious teenager eager to to spread my wings; a young bride; a new mother. In the wink of an eye, it has all flown by and brought me to today.

As I look back on the past, there is definitely a sense of lamentation; a sadness for what has past. There is also a deep sense of gratitude for all the people and events that brought me to where I am today. 

I imagine the next several years will fly by just as quickly as we spiral toward our girls going to high school, college, and us becoming empty nesters (gasp!). Though right now my days can seem monotonous and long, in another 10 or 20 years from now, I will be yearning to reclaim these days of soccer games, afternoon homework, and carpool lines.

As we continue to speed through life, maybe there will be heartache; surely there will be stress; certainly there will be joy and laughter, too. And, just as much as I cherish the memories, I look forward to seeing what the future holds.  

The Golden Spoons

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