Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mama Bear Mode

I am, by nature, a non-confrontational person. Just the thought of having to confront someone else makes me nervous. Most of the time, I would prefer to just let something slide rather than have a frank discussion or call someone out on anything. I'm not really sure what I'm afraid of in those situations. I tend to take things personally, so perhaps I fear getting my feelings hurt. Maybe it's just that facing off with someone else just tends to be awkward and unsettling in general.

As I've gotten older, I have gotten a bit better about handling potentially contentious situations. At least, I'm trying to work on it. Still, I would usually rather just curl up in a corner and hide than risk angering another person and creating a potentially quarrelsome situation. 

There is one thing, however, that will cause me to throw caution to the wind and give someone a piece of my mind without hesitation. It's what I call "Mama Bear Mode."

You see, a mama bear will fight to the death in an effort to protect her cubs from danger. She doesn't overanalyze it. She doesn't think of herself and her own well-being. She doesn't hesitate. When necessary, she just fights. 

I might let people walk all over me, but when someone (or something) hurts my kids, I go into Mama Bear mode. Like Dr. Banner changing into the Hulk, I become an entirely different person. It's automatic, instinctive, and insuppressible.

Like Dr. Banner changing into the Hulk,I become a different person-That's Mama Bear Mode! #1Word via @TheGoldenSpoons

A few years ago, my oldest came home from school in tears because an boy in her class had teased her about being a vegetarian. When she was "captive" due to seating assignments, he had gone into detail about deer hunting and vowed that he would get her to eat meat by the end of the school year. She was horrified and, as a 5th grader, she didn't quite know what to do. I did, though. I tracked down a phone number and, though I was nervous, called his mom. Fortunately, she was on my side and none too pleased with her son. The next day my daughter got an apology and it was not an issue again. 

Last year, my youngest (and several other kids in her class) was bullied by a particular student. When she came home with stories, we tried to guid her and give her some pointers. I casually mentioned it to the teacher once, but, for the most part, we tried to just brush it off and move on. Until January when my daughter told us that the bully had threatened her - actually threatened to kill her!!! Lucky for school personnel, she didn't tell us about it until after hours on a Friday when I knew everyone would have already left the school. My husband, however, feared I might break my computer with the force I used to type out a very poignant email. I made my expectations very clear and "spoke" in a tone I would NEVER typically use.

Then, near the end of the year, when my daughter finally stood up to the aforementioned bully and was actually punished herself for doing so - well, I have never been more in Mama Bear mode than I was that afternoon. As I called her teacher, I was physically shaking - not because I was nervous or scared, but because I was just THAT angry.

The good news is that instances like these are rare and I don't often have to become Mama Bear. When it does happen, though, watch out, because there is nothing that will keep a Mama form protecting her cubs! 

Have you ever gone into Mama Bear Mode or had an experience that forced you to step out of your comfort zone and confront someone?


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