Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hitting the "RESET" Button in Parenting

When my kids were younger, there were days when I felt like I was drowning in parenthood. Temper tantrums, dirty diapers, tired kids who wouldn't nap, and crazy bedtimes all made me lose my cool. When that happened, I often wished I had a reset button I could push to  regain my patience and do it over - do it better. 

Nowadays, my kids are bigger at 13, 10, and 8. For the most part, we are in a pretty good groove. There are no more dirty diapers or fights about nap time. However, occasionally, there are still tantrums over homework and crazy bedtimes. There is plenty eye rolling and and exasperation. Overall, it's easier than it was in the baby-toddler days, but it's not smooth sailing all the time by any means. Once in a while, I still need that reset button. 
Sometimes, I wish there was a RESET button in parenting! #1Word @JanineHuldie @TheGoldenSpoons

Of course, there isn't really a button I can push to get a do over and reboot my composure - and theirs! However, there are a few things I can do to adjust my sails and get back on track. 

Walk Away - Of course, you can't always do this if you are in public or if your children are young enough to need constant supervision. If you area able, though, just walking away and spending a few "time out" minutes locked in your bathroom ALONE while taking some deep breaths can really help.

Ask for help! - When my children were younger, this was hard for me. I thought I should be able to "do it all." The truth I learned, though, is that nobody does it all and the people I trust the most will not judge me - in fact, they will applaud me - when I ask for help. Your friends, your parents, your in-laws - they have all been there and they all know how overwhelming it can be. 

Be honest - If you are overwhelmed, tell your spouse and, if your kids are old enough to understand, tell them, too! Tell them that you need help with the laundry. Tell them that you are tired of their arguing. Tell them that you hate homework just as much as they do. Chances are they can tell your are frustrated and a little short tempered, but they may not know why. They may not realize how much they contribute to your stress OR how much they can help. 

Pamper yourself - We hear this all the time, but it's true! Get a sitter and go have a massage or get your hair done. Go to a movie or go shopping. Do whatever it is that make you happy and DO NOT feel guilty. You and your children will feel better when you return.

Cut yourself some slack - House is a mess? That's fine. Don't feel like cooking dinner? Call for pizza. Let the kids watch too much TV one afternoon because you needed a break? We've all done it. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. THAT'S NORMAL AND PERFECTLY OKAY!!!!! Stop feeling guilty.

Get Away - I have been fortunate to take a few vacations with my husband without our kids. Every time, I have thought to myself "Why don't we do this more often?" or "Wow! I didn't realize how much I needed a break!" Obviously, this takes planning and is not a quick fix, but it does help some much to rejuvenate yourself and get away from the kids altogether for a day or two. 

I have a little over 13 years of parenting under my belt, but I am still no expert. These are some things that I have found work for me when I find myself just trying to stay afloat. How do you reset when parenting (and life) get to be a little too much?
How do you reset after a tough day of parenting? #1Word @JanineHuldie @TheGoldenSpoons


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