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Apparently, October is Photographer Appreciation Month. I've never been a great photographer. Nowadays, though, everyone is a photographer regardless of their skill because we have the ability to take pictures at our fingertips everywhere we go. 

In honor of Photographer Appreciation Month, we thought we would celebrate ourselves as photographers - no matter whether we're good at it or not - by sharing some of the photos we have taken recently! 

I snapped this picture a couple weeks ago when Tuesday Ten was all about our pets

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen this picture there. I'm not usually a big pumpkin flavor fanatic, but this stuff is amazing!

This picture was taken the weekend before last at my 20th high school reunion. It's kind of a big deal because my husband makes it his mission not to smile in pictures (I have no idea why he does that!), but he is obviously smiling in this one because we were with friends who made him laugh. I honestly think it's one of the best "candid" photos that has ever been taken of the two of us.

While we were at my reunion, we stayed at my parents's house. My youngest daughter was looking through wedding photos and my mom mentioned that she still had her wedding veil. Of course, my little princess had to try it on! 

We moved our two youngest daughters to a new school this year and we are all very happy. The school had a big family picnic last week and I snapped this sweet picture of Emily and one of her new found friends.

Originally for this post, I had this grand idea to take 10 selfies. I rarely take selfies because, truthfully, I usually don't like what I see, so that plan fell apart pretty quickly. Except for one day when I was wearing a new sweater and I actually thought I looked pretty good! (I snapped this in a gigantic mirror I walk by a thousand times a day when I'm at work!)

Second and final attempt at my post full of selfies - at the gym getting ready to work out.

The new school my girls are attending is across town which frequently makes for some awkward timing - not enough time to go home, but too much time to go ahead and get in carpool line. When that happens, I get a little bit of blissful alone time and one of my favorite things to do is find a coffee shop and do a little blogging.

Friday afternoon snuggles!!! (I guess this counts as the third selfie, but I'm not the star of this one!)

I recently shared some crock pot recipes her on the blog. some were mine and some were new ones I wanted to try. The list included a recipe for Swedish Meatballs. I made them on Saturday and they were yummy! I tweaked the recipe just a bit and snapped a photo so I can share it here sometime soon!

My oldest is playing soccer for the first time this fall. Thanks to two weekends worth of rained out games, we actually missed her very first one while we were away for my reunion. Saturday was her second game and the first one we got to watch! 

Just realized that:
A) I actually had 11 photos, and
B) none of them included my middle daughter, so . . .
Here's #12!! (That's 4 selfies in case you're keeping track!) 

It's a #TuesdayTen #Photobomb! We are all photographers, so come link up yours! @MamaRabia @TheGoldenSpoons

These picture posts are always so much fun! Hope you enjoyed my photos and I can't wait to see yours! 

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Did you know that October is also Positive Attitude Month? Next Tuesday, October 27, come share 10 positive quotes; 10 ways to have a positive attitude; or 10 things that squash your positivity! 
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