Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015 Resolution Review

Back in January, we jumped on the bandwagon for #TuesdayTen and listed our resolutions for 2015. I had originally intended to do quarterly resolution reviews, but only managed to crank out one in April. So, I thought that, with the year quickly coming to an end, I would take one last look back at my 2015 goals and see how I did. 
  1. Read 6 novels in 2015. I got off to a great start with this one early in the year. I even put together a list of books I wanted to read in February! I read (1)Landline, (2)Gone Girl, and (3)The Light Between Oceans. While we spent a week at the beach over the summer, I also read (4)The Girl on The Train. It wasn't on my list, but I read (5)Wonder by R.J. Palacio as well as part of a study I did at my church. Then, this fall, I fell completely off the wagon. I bought All The Light We Cannot See with intentions of reading it during all the minutes I spend sitting in school carpool lines. Truthfully, though, the book completely intimidated me like a high schooler with a book report assignment. I finally cracked it open a couple weeks ago and love what I have read so far - I just don't have much time to read right now. Maybe I can finish it by the end of the year??? However, I did finish the year with (6)For The Love by Jen Hatmaker, so technically, I met my goal of reading 6 books. 
  2. Get content with my body. Back in April, I was in the midst of trying to get some answers regarding my unexplained weight gain and I gave myself a grade of C- on this one. Well, I might upgrade myself to a B now. I went through the processes visiting my general doctor as well as an endocrinologist to see if anyone to figure out why I've gained nearly 30 pounds in a little less than 2 years and explain a few other minor symptoms. The good news is, none of the doctors can find anything wrong with me. The bad news is that means there is no explanation or easy fix. Furthermore, other than the weight (and therefore my BMI) I am completely healthy. My blood pressure is great. My cholesterol is absolutely normal. all my hormone levels are what they should be. With that knowledge, I have arrived at somewhat of an "It is what it is" attitude. I'm still not happy with my weight or my pant size, and I vacillate between "I don't care" and "I'm going on a diet!"  Overall, though, I've (mostly) stopped obsessing and I'm more accepting than I was at the beginning of this year. 
  3. Go to the gym at least twice a week.  I don't like the gym. My resolution was made in an effort to help with accepting my body. However, it often has the opposite effect. Exercising hasn't helped me to lose any weight and, usually, I end up focusing on what I don't like and comparing myself to others way too much while I'm there. I've done it, though, for the sake of being healthy. I didnt' go at all this summer because I had the kids and there have been some weeks when I was sick or I had a sick kiddo at home and couldn't go. Most weeks, I make it there twice, though.
  4. I will implement a chore system and stick with it until it becomes a habit! It's not for lack of trying, but this one has been a complete failure! No matter how or what I've tried, getting my kids to clean up continues to be a battle.
  5. My fifth resolution was to keep the first 4! Ha! Guess I thought I was pretty clever with that one! Overall, I think I would give myself a grade of C. I haven't been perfect with any of them, but I've tried really hard with all of them and had at least a little success with all but the chores.
Did you keep your 2015 resolutions? Resolution Review @TheGoldenSpoons
My next five resolutions were specific to blogging.
  1. Post consistently 2-3 times a week. Well, I've forced myself into doing this one by co-hosting Tuesday Ten and the One Word Linkup, so I was essentially required to post twice a week. What I've learned, though, is that quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. In 2016, I think I would be content with once a week as long as it's a good post that isn't thrown together at the last minute due to a looming deadline.
  2. Take 4 planned blogging breaks! Yes! I did this. I took a break one week in the spring, one week in the summer when we were on vacation, and a break this fall. I'll be taking the last two weeks of 2015 off as well!
  3. Post a Sunday Supper recipe on the second Sunday of every month. Epic Fail! I did it in February and then didn't post another one until October. Those are the only two I did all year!
  4. Have at least 6 posts featured on other sites. I did this, although not with as much variety and vigor as I had planned. In January, after several failed attempts, I was finally accepted onto The Huffington Post. This was a major accomplishment and I had  several other posts published there as well. I was also published on Club Mid (now part of Scary Mommy) and Scary Mommy. During this year, it seems several bloggers have quit their own blogs and starting writing only to submit to larger sites. The competition is stiff, the payoff of being published is small, and the pain of repeated rejection has made this one much less appealing. 
  5. Have pieces accepted to two more anthologies. This one is a mixed bag. I had one accepted, but decided to withdraw my essay due to some creative differences. I had another accepted early in the year, but the book has not come to fruition. I submitted to one other and was rejected. 
Honestly, I'm not usually a huge fan of resolution making because it often feels like setting myself up for failure. In 2015, however, I really made a conscious effort to keep my goals n mind throughout the year. Although I only "officially" reviewed my progress once, I did look back at these resolutions and think about them often. I'm not sure if I'll make any resolutions in the new year, but I'm glad It did it in 2015! 

Did you make any resolutions this year? Have you thought about them lately? How did you do?

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