Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Resolutions I Wish My Kids Would Make

I'm not usually a big resolution maker, but, last year, I did make some resolutions as part of our Tuesday Ten Linkup. Even though I wasn't super excite about cranking out goals for 2015, I took it seriously and really tried to be conscious of my goals throughout the year. I even reviewed them at the end of the year to see how I did. I thought about making some new resolutions for 2016, but, in reality, my goals for this year should be very similar to my goals form last year. So, instead, I started thinking about my three daughters and decided that, this year, maybe they are the ones who should make a few resolutions for this new year! 

1. Can't we all just get along? Seriously girls. Please, please, please resolve to stop the incessant bickering! Otherwise, 2016 might be the year I actually lose my mind.

2. A little more Dr. Jekyll and a little less Mr. Hyde - I know most of it is hormonal and, therefore, somewhat beyond your control (Lord, help us all!), but the mood swings around here are ridiculous. One minute, it's all happy-go-lucky and the next it's tears, slamming doors, and rolling eyes. I just never know what will be the trigger that flips that switch!

3. Actually waking up when the alarm goes off on school mornings would be a wonderful resolution to add to the list!

4. Speaking of mornings, packing your own lunches would also be a fabulous addition to their goals!

5. I would love for you girls to read for joy rather than because it's homework and minutes that have to be logged for a grade.

Pack your own lunches, clean up, and stop bickering. #Resolutions I wish my kids would make for 2016! @TheGoldenSpoons

6. For the love, children, PLEASE clean up after yourselves! You are 8, 11, and 13 - all old enough and perfectly capable of throwing away your food wrappers, putting away your laundry, and scrubbing your toilet without being told and reminded five quadrillion times.

7. Also, if you could resolve to stop complaining about homework that would be just great. After all, I'm not the one assigning the homework, so why are you whining to me anyway?

8. Stop growing. Ok. I don't really want them to stop growing because that would mean they aren't healthy. However, they are already outgrowing the "fall/winter" we just bought a few months ago. There was a time when I looked forward to being able to share clothes and shoes with my daughter, too. I just didn't think it would happen before they were even in high school.

9. I would really appreciate it if they would stop watching ridiculous, over-acted "tween" shows on TV. Honestly, it's sad that there isn't anything better for them to watch. They are too old for Dora and Doc McStuffins, but too young for The Big Bang Theory and reruns of Friends. I'm not sure I cant stand them reciting anymore lines from Austin and Ally. Maybe let's resolve to Netflix some Little House on the Prairie and Growing Pains.

10.While all of these would certainly be great, what I really want for my girls in 2016 (and always) is to be confident in who they are, but always learning and open to possibilities; to be kind, courteous, thoughtful human beings; and to search for joy in a world where it can often be hard to find. 

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

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