Friday, April 29, 2016

Words Are Like Toothpaste

I almost started this post with a snarky little comment about something a friend posted on Facebook yesterday, but when it comes to sharing online, we have to be careful what we put "out there." After I typed my original first line, I thought,"Wait! Does she read my blog? What if she reads this post and figures out that sentence is about her? I better not start it that way!" Then, I quickly deleted every last letter I had typed.

Nowadays, it seems people put anything and everything online. We (well, some people) are quick to share opinions and information with anyone who is willing to be our friend on Facebook or follows on Twitter. We forget that words are like toothpaste - once you squeeze them out, it's very difficult to put them back in. 

In the blogging world, I have seen this cause so many problems. Bloggers have been accused of plagiarism and even sued over it. I know bloggers who have bared their souls only to find themselves insulted and cursed by others. In fact, some writers have abandoned their blogs because of it. I have even seen a blog commenter use the platform to cry out for help escaping from an abusive relationship. 

I can hardly stand to scroll through my own Facebook feed anymore because it has become such a political platform where people tout their die-hard support for one side or the other and insult those who disagree. And, y'all, I DESPISE politics with a deep and heartfelt passion.

Those who aren't spewing liberal vs. conservative or conservative vs. liberal hogwash are sharing their sunny, beachside vacations, or their weight loss success, or their "I puffy heart love my precious children" moments. Because I am always a fragile victim of comparison, my newsfeed scrolling ends with me feeling like a boring, fat, not-so-great mom and an all round mediocre person. 

The online world continues to get bigger and the sharing keeps getting more out of control which means the ramifications are reaching more ridiculous levels every day.

So, what do we do? Where do we go from here? That is the conundrum - or at least my conundrum. 

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I've been a little absent lately. Ironically, my last post was titled "Why I Keep Coming Back" and it was published three weeks ago. I wrote it, published it, then walked away from this space for a while. 

While I was away, I wasn't really away. I was right where I always am running carpool, going to my kids' soccer games, and trying to keep our household running on a daily basis. I thought about writing, but never had the motivation or time (or motivation to make time) to sit down at my computer and type. I kind of missed it, but I kind of didn't and it's that "kind of didn't" part that is really making me think. 

I keep thinking my writing "mojo" will return if I'm patient and can just wait it out, but I've been waiting a while and I'm beginning to think that my creative juices are hiding somewhere along with my metabolism and that they are peering through the cracks trying to stifle their laughter as I spin my wheels. 
The online world is a tricky place. What do you share? @TheGoldenSpoons #FTSF

I guess, right now, I'm in a phase of evaluation - thinking about what I share online (here on the blog and elsewhere), reconsidering the purpose of it all, and deciding what direction to go. 

This online world is a tricky, ever-evolving place to live. Some days, I love the connections and the creative outlet it provides. Some days, I just want to pull the plug on the whole internet. 

How do you feel about sharing online? What do you share and where do you draw the line?

This post was written as part of the Finish The Sentence Friday Linkup and this week's sentence was "When it comes to sharing online . . . . . " FTSF is hosted by Kristi of Finding Ninee.

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