Sunday, May 22, 2016

8 Ways I Can Tell it's the End of the School Year

My two youngest daughters have 7 days of school left. My oldest has 14. 

This has been a good school year, but it has had its stresses and frustrations just like any school year does and honestly, I'm so done with this school year! Here are some of the telltale signs that I have completely run out of energy and patience. 
  1. My calendar is also a total mess. Field trips, end of year celebrations, testing, requests for help with test proctoring and said parties/field trips/etc. Not to mention soccer games & team celebrations. Oy! It's like December all over again!
  2. I've stopped asking about homework - I used to ask them every day on the way home, "Do you have homework?" and help them strategize how long it would take and when they should do it. I checked it over and and made sure they put it neatly back int heir folders. Now? Who cares??? Why do they even have homework right now? I mean, if they haven't learned it already, there's pretty much no point, right?
  3. Lunchables - They are what's for lunch. At the beginning of the year, I tried to plan out a weekly lunch menu full of variety and healthy options for my kiddos. Now? I throw a lunchable in their lunch boxes and don't even care.
  4. Speaking of lunch boxes. . .  my kids' lunch boxes and book bags are a mess. They been used and abused for the past 10 months and they look awful (and, probably smell even worse if I got close enough to check.) you know what, though? I don't care. They can hold on for a couple more weeks! 
  5. Their clothes are stained and too small. They fit back in October, but now they are a little snug way too small and stained, but we are making them last until the end! 
  6. Weeknight Dinners have disintegrated much like the lunches I pack each day. At this point, we eat out or do take out at least four times a week. The other nights are either basic spaghetti, tacos from a  kit, or "everyone fend for yourselves" kind of nights. 
  7. Bedtime has become rather lax. This fall I was a stickler about my kids' bedtime. These days, I let them stay up a few minutes later each night because I just don't want to deal with it - and neither do they!  
  8. I've given up on mornings, too. I let them sleep as long as possible. They say they don't want breakfast? Oh well - not worth the argument. Also, we are NEVER seen slightly early to school. Most mornings, we scurry out the door at the last second and pull into carpool line just in time. 
These are just some of the symptoms of "end-of-school-year-itis." I'm sure my level of exhaustion and disinterest is quite evident in my overall "I don't give a flip" attitude and "ho-hum" demeanor as well. 

I am SO DONE with this school year! Here are 8 ways you can tell. @TheGoldenSpoons

We'll survive, though. We'll finish out these last couple of weeks and be sleeping in on lazy summer mornings before we know it. Until then, thank goodness for lunchables! 

How do you survive the last few weeks of the school year?

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