Thursday, February 16, 2017

Currently . . . February 2017

Well, y'all, there's nothing quite like falling off the wagon before you even get all the way up on it!


Back at the beginning of January, I had this surge of writing inspiration and reinvigoration. I was on a roll! Then, February rolled in and life got crazy busy. I thought about blogging but haven't had two seconds in the last couple weeks to sit down with my computer and type something up. I had fully intended to write a "Currently" post and publish it on the second Monday of February as I said I would last month, but, obviously that didn't happen - until now! Oh well - better late than never, right?!?!

Currently, I'm . . . . . . 

Deciding  on a new vehicle. The lease on our minivan is up next month and we've got to decide what we are going to do. After three minivans over the past 12-ish years, I think we are ready to go the SUV route instead this time. However, we are still "shopping" and exploring the different options. What do you drive and do you love it?

Preparing for spring and summer - at least at work. Since I work at our church, I am in the midst of planning for Easter events and Vacation Bible School which will be in July. It is several months away, but takes a lot of planning! 

Reading . . well, I just finished The Secret Life Of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams. I gave it 2 stars. The book has a great story line which is what drew me to it in the first place. Vivian, a 1964 independent young woman full of sass receives an unexpected package and discovers that she has a long lost aunt, Violet, she never knew about. Being a reporter, Vivian is determined to uncover the mystery of her Aunt Violet. The book alternates back and forth between 1964 Vivian and 1914 Violet. So why just 2 stars? There's so much gratuitous sex in the book that it totally overshadows the actual story. The strong plot and the unexpected twists are the only thing that keep this book from being filed in the trashy romance category - which is fine if you like a trashy romance novel, but it's not my cup of tea.

Contemplating what to read next. I'm thinking about The Zookeeper's Wife, Swimming Lessons, The Memory of Us, or Commonwealth - which were all on my list of books tor read this year.  Have you read any of them?

Trying to wrap my head around the fact that, last week, I signed my oldest daughter up for Drivers Ed. ðŸ˜ģI can't decide if I'm looking forward to her getting her license (so I don't have to drive everywhere) or if it absolutely terrifies me - probably a little lot of both. She won't actually get her permit until August when she turns 15 and, then, of course, another year to get her full license. Even then, in North Carolina, it's a graduated license so they don't have full privileges immediately. Anyway, this seems like the first step to much bigger things.

Watching "This is Us." Do you watch this show? I don't watch much TV anymore, but this show has me hooked. Every single episode leaves me with my mouth hanging open anticipating the next one. 

Wondering daily what the weather will be. I've lived in north Carolina all my life and I know the weather here can be little nutty, but this winter has seemed to be the absolute most fluctuating and unpredictable. This week alone we have had temperatures all the way from 80's (Sunday afternoon) to 20's (Thursday morning). We've had rain, gusty winds, and blinding sunshine. It's just crazy! I like winter and I'm in no rush for spring and summer, but I do wish Mother Nature would make up her mind. 

Thinking about summer plans. Despite the weather, summer is coming and, while I hate the heat, I do love the lazy days and the chance to travel. I asked the girls the other night where they might like to go on vacation this summer. Their choices were, in this order, Bora Bora, Sydney Australia, or an African Safari! All excellent suggestions, but probably not in the budget in the near future! 😜 We'll have to keep giving it some thought and, hopefully, settle on a destination (or two) soon.

Anticipating turning 40, but I already wrote about all that! 

Eating Girl Scout cookies. This is the first year I've actually had a girl scout because my youngest decided this fall to give it a try and she loves it. So, we've been selling cookies and eating plenty. My favorites are the Caramel Delites which is good because nobody else in my family likes them, but also bad because that means there is no one else to eat them but me! Our other favorites are the Lemonades and Thin Mints. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor???

I'm still not sure if this will take off as a linkup - would probably help if I actually posted on the regularly scheduled date! I'll throw the linkup out one more time to see how many participate, so if you have a current currently post, feel free to add it or write one up! The linkup will be open for two weeks.

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