Monday, June 5, 2017

Currently (June)

Originally, I set out to write a "Currently" post every month in 2017, but after the first three, it began to feel monotonous and seemed that not much changed month to month. I decided that maybe writing one every couple of months would make more sense. My last one was in March and the beginning of June feels like a good time to share what's currently happening in life. 

So, currently, I'm  . . . . .  

Anticipating summer break! My oldest daughter finished her school year just before Memorial Day. My other two, however go trough June 7 (three more days!!!) and, y'all, I am SO DONE! I have ALL the symptoms of parental end-of-school-year-itis. I am ready to spend some lazy days sleeping in, sitting by the pool, NOT packing lunches, and NOT arguing about homework or bedtimes! 

Looking forward to Punta Cana!! Partially because my husband travel so much for work, my girls always want to travel and see new places. Recently, they have been desperately wanting to go somewhere outside the US, so, a few months ago, we got their passports and began thinking about a summer vacation. Of course, one wanted a beach, one did not want just a beach, and one didn't care. We were trying to figure in travel times, time changes, budget, and keeping everyone happy. Finally, we settled on an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where there is a beautiful beach, but also lots of other things to do. 
I'm already there in my mind!

Reading The  Zookeepers Wife. It was one of the books I had on my lis of Books to Read in 2017. It's the fourth book from the list I've picked up. I read The Mountain Between Us and The Secret Life of Violet Grant. After those, I bought Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult which had gotten rave reviews. However, I just couldn't get in to it. I read the first section of the book, then, put it on my nightstand and haven't picked it up since. I recently downloaded The Zookeeper's Wife on my iPad and, so far, it is not nearly as engaging as I had anticipated. The narrative skips around and I just finished a painfully slow chapter about some German zookeeper and reverse genetic engineering.  Plus, I remembered how much I dislike reading on a screen - I need to feel the pages between my fingers. I'm about ready to give up oaths one, too and move on to . . . . 

Compiling my list of books to read for the Summer!! Yes, I've only made a 4-book dent in my list of 10 books to read for the year, but summer reading is different, right?? It doesn't mean I'm giving up completely on my original list either, but there can never be too many books waiting to be read and the summer is the best time to read them (at least for me!). Look for that list soon and tell me what's on you summer reading list in the comments! 

Listening to pop music. My kids have recently declared their disdain for the country music I usually listen to and the novelty of show tunes has worn off. So, I've recently become quite familiar with Ed Sheeran, Chainsmokers, and someone named Alessia Cara. Perhaps more familiar than I intended to becasue, while I actually do enjoy most of their music, it seem that opt radio stations have a repertoire of about 6 songs, so anytime I tune in and hear that same 6 songs over and over and over again. 

Planning Vacation Bible School. It is one of my favorite parts of my job, but also one of the ones that takes the most work! Ours isn't until mid-July, but we try to get as much done as possible before people scatter for summer. It's been pretty all-consuming lately!

Feeling excited about the "This is Us" Facebook discussion group I am co-hosting! It is also through work and discussion will be faith based, but it gives me a great excuse to re-watch some of the episodes. Better yet - the group is open to anyone! First set of questions based on the pilot episode will go up tomorrow. If anyone is interested in joining, click the image HERE 😊 

It's probably only taken me about an hour to write this post, but that hour was split up over three days and so many interruptions I lost count. The last one involved an 8:30pm urgent need for a yellow shirt to wear the next day for field day and the panicked believe that one could not participate if not wearing the appropriately colored shirt assigned to each grade level. Also? As I finally finish this just after 9:30pm on Sunday nigh, I have absolutely no idea what might end up in their lunch boxes tomorrow since I never made it to the grocery store this over the weekend! Seriously y'all, summer cannot get here fast enough! 

What's happening in your life currently?

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