The Spoons

                                                    Daddy Spoon

My husband, David. He is completely outnumbered by us girls and he loves it! He works hard to provide the best for his girls.  He is my Mr. fix-it, financial mastermind, sounding board, and primary support system. He calms my nerves and keeps me on an even keel. More than anything, he makes me smile and he makes me laugh.  We have different roles, but are equal partners in this crazy life we lead!

Rachel is our oldest daughter. At fifteen and in tenth grade, she is firmly planted in the teenage years. She is super smart, stubborn, and determined. She is great with kids and is far more creative and artistic that she gives her self credit for. She is powering through a challenging high school program and beginning to look ahead to college and career choices.  Since she is the first, she if often our parenting guinea pig as we navigate new waters together - and she's a pretty awesome partner to have on the ride. 

At thirteen, Megan has just crossed over into "teenage-dom." She is a whirlwind of energy from the minute she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep. She is always moving, talking, bouncing and she fills the room with sunshine when she enters. It often seems she is too busy wiggling to pay attention, but rest assured she takes in everything!  She is super smart, but also sometimes rather "blonde." She keeps us laughing and makes every moment an adventure. She is the very definition of the quirky middle child.    

Emily is ten bringing the whole crew into double digits. She is my soft-hearted, loving sweetheart. She loves God and has a deep, natural faith. She cares deeply for others and always wants to serve. She longs to take after her older sisters, but also relishes being the "baby." She is smart and witty. Sometimes, her one-liners catch us off guard and leave us rolling with laughter. She would much rather curl up under a blanket and watch TV rather than go outside to get sweaty or dirty, but she never passes by without giving me a hug and a kiss! 

The family dog. She is a seven year old border collie mix We don't know what breed she might be mixed with, but she is probably the most overweight, lazy border collie you will ever meet!  We love her, though, and she is most certainly a very important part of our family! 
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