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I'm am so proud to be a contributor to The Mother of All Meltdowns!  Every mother has a meltdown at some point.  We have all been there - so tired, so frustrated, so upset - that we just snap.  In this book, thirty lovely mom bloggers are sharing stories of their most epic meltdowns.  The book will make you laugh, cry, and, most of all, realize that you are not alone when you have those moments of motherhood mayhem!

Here are some of the reviews readers have shared via

Thank you, for making me and mothers everywhere feel normal! I could completely relate to so many of the personal stories inside this book! I finished the book in two days! Many times I found myself laughing (out loud), once even close to tears and always in the moment with the author. I truly enjoyed this read and definitely will recommend it to other moms I know!
                                                       - Jodi Flaherty, The Noise of Boys 

If there was ever a book for Moms that should be required reading, this is it! Thirty tales of motherhood gone awry told in graphic honesty; some will have you laughing until you can't breathe, a few may bring you to tears. Most importantly, the stories told by these Moms, who also happen to be very talented writers, will make you feel not like you are living all alone on a deserted island for bad mothers, but that you have finally, FINALLY found the elusive secret society for Moms who are real people with real stress and real reactions to said stress and are saying it - out loud! I related to a point in so many of the stories and felt actual physical and emotional relief. It's not often you find a book that not only serves as entertainment but therapy as well. Excellent job, ladies!
                                                 - Sandy Ramsey, Mother of Imperfection

The book is available now through Amazon in Kindle and Paberback versions.  You can also order if from you local bookstore.  It will soon be available for Nook as well. Keep up with all the mayhem by following us on:

Twitter: @MOAMtheBook

See a list of all contributing authors and read even more meltdown madness on the blog at the official Mother of all Meltdowns website:

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Jodi Flaherty said...

I am rooting for the Best Seller title! I wish I had a printed copy for you to sign when I had the opportunity to meet you! Fantastic book! I will definitely be gifting it to other moms!

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