Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

It's Maundy Thursday and with a crazy busy Easter weekend, I decided to go ahead and post this entry.  Here are a couple of Easter explanations courtesy of my two youngest daughters.  I hope they make you smile and that you have a very happy Easter!!

Megan's explanation of the Easter Bunny  

We were all riding in the car one afternoon (because you know that is where LOTS of meaningful family conversations happen) when one of the girls asked why we have eggs and a bunny at Easter.  I explained that the eggs are a symbol of new life just like the new flowers that bloom in Spring and just like Jesus coming back to life after his death.  After giving it some thought, I told them that I really was not sure how the bunny figured into things.  Megan spoke up and gave her suggestion - "Probably, Jesus had a pet bunny rabbit!"  Who knew it was that simple?!?!

Easter as summarized by Emily

Emily (3), recently took a very brief interest in the Veggie Tales movies.  (If you are not familiar with these, they are basically cartoon vegetables that walk & talk.  All their movies are religiously themed.)  After watching the Veggie Tales Easter story, Emily was a little confused, so I retold the story to her as follows:
"The people didn't like Jesus, so they nailed him to this big cross and he died.  They buried him in a cave. A couple days later, some women came to bring flowers (like we do to Great Grandma, etc.), but Jesus was gone.  God had brought him back to life.  Now he will always be alive in Heaven with God."

Emily repeated the summary to me in her own words like this:
"The people didn't understand Jesus so they put him on a cross and he died.  They buried him in a cave, but then God did magic and un-died Him.  Now he will always be un-died and he lives with God in Heaven.  That's why we do Easter!"

Happy Easter!!!

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