Friday, January 19, 2018


As I sit here typing this, the snow if falling outside and my children are bundled up as they sled and laugh. Although it is not typical, I actually love winter. I do not like the heat of summer, but I love cool feel of winter air on my cheeks and the chance to curl up under a warm blanket. It feels so cozy. And, the best of all is a snow day like today.

There is something about snow. It's the anticipation leading up to it. Will it snow? How much? Will we get that call telling us school is cancelled? The watching and waiting. Then, when it arrives, it is joy and happiness. It is the smiles on children's faces and wonder as they look out the window (even though my kids are not so little anymore.) It is peaceful and serene. A reminder of the beauty and magnificence of God's creation. 

I'm not sure that I would want winter to last all year long, but I will not be ashamed to call it my favorite season of the year. And, on snow days like today, I will soak in all the beauty; all the joy; all the hope realized. 

~Time's up!~

This short post is part of the Finish the Sentence Friday linkup noted by Kristi and Kenya. This week was a stream of consciousness post about the word "Winter." The idea of a stream of consciousness post that that, for five minutes, you just write. Not proofing; not editing. Just write. That's what I did, although I did go back to proofread and add pictures before publishing. 😉

Do you like winter? Did you get any snow where you live?

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 2018 . . Looking Back and What's Happening Now

Late is not a great way to start a new year, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. While my kids were out of school for Christmas break, I sorted out a list of my top 10 posts from 2017 and had every intention of writing them up in a post to kick off 2018. I got busy working on a project I had volunteered to do for my kids' school, though. Then, I lost the motivation to write the post and, suddenly, here we are almost halfway through January. I had basically given up on it, but a couple days ago, Kristi and Kenya announced that they were teaming up and shaking up the Finish the Sentence Friday Linkup that I have always loved. Even better - this week's theme under the new set up is a listicle (for non-bloggers, that's just "fancy" blogging term for a post that is pretty much just a list of something. It makes it sound extra special, no?). That gave me just the little nudge I needed to write the post after all and I decided to include that mini-list in a larger list by turning this into a "Currently" post for January. 

Of course, I'll start by saying that I am currently looking back on 2017. We are less than two weeks into 2018 as I write this, but, still, last year feels like it is pretty far away in the rear view mirror. In the last twelve months, blogging really, really took a back seat in my life. I wrote 33 posts in 2017, averaging about three per month (compared to 41 in 2016 and 106 in 2015 😳). These post would probably, mostly qualify as my favorite posts of 2017, although there are a couple outliers int he group. Since they were my most viewed post, however, I guess, maybe, they are my readers' favorites. 

  1. All The Things I'm Not. This was one I was very hesitant to publish, but it seemed to strike a chord with lots of folks and was shared many times. 
  2. Eight Things a Girl Mom Hates to Hear I guess I'm not the only girl mom who can relate to these! 
  3. My Books to Read in 2017 Confession: I only read three of the eight books on my list. I started two others from the list, but they didn't float my boat after all and I never finished them. However, I did read a couple other books last year, but, much like blogging, my reading ebbs and flows with the busyness of life. 
  4. The Angst of Almost 40 The good news is that I survived turning 40 and it won't be long until I cross over to 41. The bad news is that I still don't like it! 
  5. 40 Totally Random Questions and the Answers You Never Knew You Wanted to Know wins the "What was I thinking with that exceptionally long title?" award and comes in at number five for 2017. I have no explanation for this other than the fact that it was published in January and had more time to get views. 
  6. The Most Important Job In The World The intro for this one speaks for itself. It is and will always be one of my favorites. 
  7. Miles and Miles This post was a lot of random thoughts about miles in my life and my kids' lives. 
  8. Coffee Dates With My Daughter  As much as I may already be looking forward to the end of the school year, I will sure miss these! Next year, she will be driving herself and these precious moments will be no more. 
I'll stop there because the next two on the list are extremely random and certainly not my best. They were just "out there" longer to receive a few more views.
What else I am currently doing?

I've been watching a lot of movies in the theater lately it seems. During December I saw four  which is an astronomical increase! A group from our church watched "The Star." I also saw "Wonder" and "Jumanji" with my kids and "The Greatest Showman" with my family. They were all really, really good. 

Speaking of "The Greatest Showman," I didn't realize when we went to see it that it was a musical, but the songs were so catchy and the movie was amazing. Since we saw it, my kids have been listening to the soundtrack, which means I have been listening to it, too.

I suppose we've all be weathering the weather. We had two weeks of unprecedented cold and today as I write this it is almost 70 outside with a chance of thunderstorms this evening. What?!?!? The thunder is from a cold front that will send temperatures back down to below average over the weekend. After nearly 41 years in North Carolina, I suppose I should be used to this by now!

Finally, I'll say that I'm feeling excited about this new FTSF format. While I don't miss the stress and pressure I used to put on myself to write, I do miss all my blog buddies and the connections that have diminished as many of us have been blogging less lately. Maybe this new setup is a chance to re-commit and re-connect just a little. 😄

I guess this post is better late than never as the old saying goes! I hope all of you had a great new year that that 2018 will hold much happiness and joy for all of us! 


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