Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Witherspoon Christmas Poem

'Twas the week before Christmas at the Witherspoon house,
There's quite a bit stirrin'
(Hopefully, not a mouse!)

The stockings are hung
 and the Christmas tree glows,
Santa even sent the kids videos!

The shopping is done
and the presents are wrapped;
DW and I could really use a nap!

But there are 3 days 'til Christmas
and I think I can do it.
(Just wish I had elves to help me get through it!)

There's a house to be cleaned; 
carols to be sung; 
and another handprint wreath that needs to be hung.

There are houses of gingerbread
that we still have to make;
and lots of cookies we still have to bake.

Christmas Eve will see red and green dresses at church.
Oh wait!  
We have to go to "play" practice first!

3 days to go and I think I can do it;
Soon Christmas will be done 
and I'll say "I lived through it!"

But through the hustle and bustle of this December,
I hope everyone will take a breath
and remember

The REAL reason for the season is 
not all the gifts we bought at the mall,
but the gift God gave us - the Greatest Gift Of All!

The sweet baby boy born long, long ago
under a star that shone down
on the world below.

The meaning of his birth cannot get lost
as we hurry and scurry
and count up the gift that we got.

There are 3 days 'til Christmas 
and I would just like to say
I hope all of you have a very merry holiday!!!!

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