Monday, March 26, 2012

How My Kid Rocks Monday

Missy over at It's Almost Naptime had a great idea!  Instead of constantly complaining and expressing frustration with our kids, we should be intentional about praising them, too.  So, she has started "How My Kid Rocks Monday" on her blog.  Because it is such a fantastic idea, I decided to link up and brag on my girls a little, too! :)
Last week, Emily had a little tif on the playground with a girl from another preschool class.  Her teacher told me that, after their outside time, they went by the other girl's classroom to talk things over, but the girl was in the bathroom vomiting!  On the way home that day, Emily was telling me all about it.  She ended her story by saying, "It is sad that she is sick.  I hope she gets better soon!"  Even after this little girl had hurt Emily's feelings, Emily was able to be compassionate and loving!  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we were all that compassionate?

I had a conference with Megan's teacher last week.  Megan is very active and high strung.  I always go into conferences a little hesitantly, hoping she gets a good report.  This time she got a great report!!  (She always does, actually.)  Her teacher said that, other than being a little chatty from time to time, she is doing great.  She is reading well above grade level and doing well in all subjects!  That is always great to hear!

All three girls are in the children's choirs at our church.  Recently, they have been working on a musical.  Rachel has one of the lead roles (the role of "Rachel" - Ha!) and she has done great!  They have performed 3 times already.  She remembers her lines and speaks clearly.  She is not at all intimidated by speaking in front of a large crowd - a very uncommon trait in a 9 year old! :)

There you have it!  My "How My Kids Rock" Monday brag session!

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