Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Books

I am one of the few moms I know who has actually kept a baby book for all three of my daughters. I admit there are some things missing from each book - and definitely more missing from the second and third. However, all the basics are there; exact time of birth, weight, first words, first steps, first teeth, etc.

Baby books stop at five years of age, though. So I started a tradition of writing
a yearly update on my girls and tucking it inside their books. Every January, I write a one page update for each girl, describing how they have changed and grown, new interests, developing personality traits, etc.

I wrote these updates yesterday (which was good timing since I have gotten to spend a lot of time with my girls this week while we've been iced in). Since I hope this blog will serve as a kind of family chronicle, I thought I would post a version of my updates on here. Here are each of my girls, described in five words or phrases (which are listed in random order).

Rachel (8 years old): Intelligent, Creative, Slow to change, Determined, and Self-confident

Megan (6 years old): Energetic, Silly, Smart, Soft-hearted, Unabashed

Emily (3 years old): Loving, Quick-witted, Strong-willed, Smart, Sly

It is so much fun to watch these girls grow and change. It is also interesting to see how three kids who have been raised by the same two parents in the same environments can be so similar yet so incredibly different!!

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