Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Silly Picture

This is the picture that was on our family's 2010 Christmas card - the one we sent to LOTS of people.

I had been trying to get a photo for about twenty minutes and everyone was getting frustrated.  Finally, just to break the tension, I told the girls to all make super silly faces.  This is the result.  It turned out to be the best picture of the bunch!

However, it was difficult for me to think about putting it on our Christmas card.  You see, I am pretty conservative (those who know me, stop chuckling!) and this picture just didn't seem reverent enough.  I kept looking at it, though, and every time I felt a smile come across my face.  I knew that's what I wanted our card to do for everyone who received it - to make them smile; to bring them joy.  So, we used  the picture (with a caption of "Wishing you Love and Laughter this Holiday Season) and got lots of comments from people who loved it.  I guess sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

  If you didn't receive one of our cards, here it is - our three angels and all their silliness.  I hope it brings you a smile and reminds all of us to lighten up once in a while! 

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