Friday, February 25, 2011

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

My 3 year old, Emily, is very smart and very witty.  She is also a liar.  And a really good one.

I know it is normal for kids to stretch the truth from time to time and there are  lots of reasons children lie.  The scary part, though, is how easily she can do it.  She doesn't even hesitate.  It's like she doesn't even have to think about it - it just comes naturally.  Does that qualify as a "skill?"  Maybe she is a future politician (goodness, I hope not!) or a future novelist (because of the imagination involved, not the actual lying).  Who knows??

Anyway, here are a few gems that she has given us in just the past few days:

Mom - "What animal did the Creature Teacher bring to preschool today?"
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I know this one is not purple!
Emily - "A purple dolphin!"

Emily - "Megan said this headband is too small for her so I can have it.  Can I wear it?"
Mom - "Sure, if Megan doesn't want it anymore."
Emily skips off, wearing the headband and singing, "I'm so pretty!"
A couple minutes later. . .
Megan - "MOOOOOM!!  Emily has my headband and she won't give it back!!!"
Mom - "Didn't you tell her she could have it?"
Megan - (almost in tears) "NO!  That one is special to me because I wore it in Allen's wedding!!"
-I called Emily to come to me -
Mom - "Emily, did Megan really say you could have that headband?"
Emily - "Well, it is too little for her!" 

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My husband and I had put the kids to bed and, less than 10 minutes after we turned out the lights, I heard Emily coming down the stairs.  She went to her Daddy who asked "What is it Emily?"  Her response - "I had a bad dream!"  When he reminded her that she hadn't even been asleep yet, she really got creative and threw in some "scary monsters."

O.K.  this is what you call saving the best for last.  Two days ago, she had a pediatrician - a full fledged M.D. - convinced that her minor viral throat infection was a rare case of mono in a child under 4 years old.  Seriously.  Ask my friends - I lost sleep over this one because convincing the doctor also convinces the parents!

 Here's one last tidbit about Emily - One of her favorite songs to request from my iPod. . . . .
"The Truth" (or, as she says it, "The Troof") by Jason Aldean.  Now that's what you call ironic!!

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