Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Different Perspective

One of the blogs I follow is called Momicillin.  Several different moms write for this blog and each has her own history and family situation.  Today's post was from Linda.  I loved it and wanted to share her wisdom here on my blog, mostly because it is something I really want to remember myself.

I hope you will go read Linda's post yourself, but here's a summary.  She begins by talking about how her 17 year old daughter's personality is so different from her own.  Then, she recounts a concert experience she had with her daughter that highlighted just how different they are.

She ends with this last paragraph - some wisdom imparted to Linda by her Aunt Marie:

"My Aunt Marie once told me that seeing your children for who they really are is like pulling chocolate cake from the oven when you prepared cherry pie. The good news, Marie explained, is that you like chocolate cake—in fact, you love it. So you need only accept this little surprise as the gift that it is."

Isn't that a wonderful way to look at our children?  When they are so different from us, so different from what we expected them to be, we can often get frustrated or even disappointed.  Sometimes we just need to shift our minds in order to gain a little different perspective.  Sometimes we need someone else to state it more eloquently that we could have ourselves.  Sometimes we need to get past the frustration/disappointment and see the gift that has been   so graciously given to us.  Sometimes we need to think about chocolate cake!!!

My chocolate cakes!!
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