Thursday, July 14, 2011

VBS Hoopla

Well, I have made it through another week of Vacation Bible School.  I taught Emily's class this year - 4 year olds (Can you believe she is a rising 4 year old?!?!).  When I originally saw my class roster, 3/4 of which were boys, I was a bit wary.  However, it turned out to be a fun group of kids and actually a nice change from all of the usual girl drama in my life.

So, in honor of FPC's VBS, here's my list VBS pros and cons:

Things I Do NOT Like about VBS
1.  Our church always has VBS in mid-late July.  This means my girls (and I) have already had half the summer to get used to sleeping in.  Dragging them out of bed by 7:30 on VBS mornings is no easy task.  It leads to whining and grumpy attitudes.  The kids aren't very happy about it either.  (Parents of early-risers, please don't hate me.  My girls do sleep in, but this is not always a good thing, especially when school is in session!)
2.  I spend 4 days in a t-shirt that is 2 sizes too big and, inevitably, a color that is highly unflattering to my complexion.  One year was neon green.  This year was bright yellow.
3.  A table full of delicious snacks for VBS teachers that I have absolutely no willpower to avoid.  (Since our VBS ends 12:00 noon, couple the snacks with grabbing a quick lunch somewhere and I've gained 2 pounds this week.)
4.  The fact that the VBS songs will be stuck in my head until I learn next year's VBS songs!  (Love you, Mr. Tom!!!)

Things I Like about VBS
1.  Because our VBS is in July, it breaks up the monotony of summer and give us something do to with ourselves for a week.
2.  It gives me a chance to see lots of my church friends that, usually, I haven't seen or talked to much since the end of the school year.  Oh yeah - my kids get to see their friends, too.
3.  VBS gives me a chance to get back to being a teacher.  Teaching is something I love and something that just comes naturally to me.  Put me in front of 16 preschoolers and I am "in the zone."
4.  The reason I love teaching is because I love the opportunity to watch the children learn.  I love to see the joy in the eyes of the kids when they learn something new.  At VBS, the kids are learning about God, which just makes it even more joyous.

Of course, it all ties together - fellowship, learning, and worshiping God.  The positives ALWAYS outweigh the negatives and VBS is ALWAYS a wonderful experience for the kids and the leaders & volunteers.

Here's one way I know it was a success.  Rachel is NOT a morning person.  Monday I had to threaten her to get her out of bed.  She proceeded to yell at her sisters, refuse breakfast, and stomp out of the house.  Tuesday and Wednesday got a little better.  Today - our last day - she was the first one up.  That, my friends, is immeasurable success!!!


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