Monday, November 28, 2011

My Kids Are Slobs

I try not to use this blog to "vent" too often, because I figure nobody wants to read that and I want this blog to be full of happy memories for my girls.  However, sometimes, venting is what I need to do.  Maybe, when my girls are reading this twenty years form now, they will have a little sympathy for all they put me through! ;-)

So here goes. . . .

MY KIDS ARE SLOBS!!!  I really don't think I'm asking that much of them.  They are 9, 7 (almost), and 4 and I don't think asking them to pick up their trash and do a few little chores around the house is unreasonable.  Apparently, they disagree.  After a lot of nagging and frustration, I finally came up with this adorable little chore chart in an effort to combat the messes.   I hoped the chart would accomplish a couple things: 1) I hoped by putting the chores on a schedule would keep me from having to nag my kids all the time.  2)  I also hoped the girls would realize that, by doing the chores regularly before they piled up and got out of hand, it really wasn't that difficult.  Basically, they get a happy face for doing their chore each day (cleaning playroom, putting away laundry, cleaning their room, wiping down their bathroom, and a day that says "help mom" so I can ask them to do whatever I need).  If they don't complete their task or if I find they have left a dirty bowl or trash behind, they get a strike.  Three strikes = an extra chore.

Well, so far, it has failed miserably.  Here's an example.  Today the chore was to clean up the playroom.  My oldest had an orthodontist appointment, so there was a limited amount of time.  I told the girls they had twenty minutes to get it done.  This was the result:

Remember - all this was AFTER they "cleaned up."  I don't want to be a nag, but I also don't want to continually clean up after my little litterbugs.  I want them to learn to take some pride in their home and to take some responsibility.  Am I expecting too much??  Is there a better way to teach them??

O.K.  I have finished venting.  Thanks for "listening" and I welcome your comments/suggestions! :)

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Robin Kramer said...

If I had the secret to getting children to thoroughly and willingly clean up their messes, I'd happily share it (for a nominal price) with the world. :) Suffice to say, I can empathize with you.

I followed up on the award nomination you sent me. Feel free to check it out!

Jeri Kleiber said...

I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I too go through this EVERYDAY!!!! I've been having this pity party for myself because it seems Mommy does everything around here and gets none of the credit. A little help is all I ask for, but NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! If Kids only knew everything that we sacrifice and do to make their lives better, I wonder if they would be a little more helpful!

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