Sunday, November 6, 2011

What's on Your List???

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog very often probably knows that I am an organizer and a list-maker. I make lists for everything - chores, groceries, what to pack for trips, my kids' school lunches - everything.  For me, having a list gives me a clear path to follow which helps me focus, complete the tasks at hand, and, therefore, reduces my stress.  However, at the moment, there is one list that is creating much more stress than it is relieving - my Christmas list.  The reason it is causing me stress is because I simply cannot finish making it!!!!

Our tradition is that the girls can ask Santa for three gifts each - one large and two smaller.  (This is supposed to reflect the three gifts Jesus received from the Wise Men.)  They also get one gift from Mommy & Daddy which we try to make a little bit of a surprise.  I think I finally have a list for the little one mostly done, but the lists for the two big girls are driving me crazy!!  Normally, the problem is narrowing down their "I want this" lists, to fit our tradition.  This year, however, they don't even know what they want.  I have asked a couple times and they can't come up with anything. (Except that the older two want a bunny.  I was willing to consider it out of desperation, but Daddy gave it a very quick and resounding "NO WAY!")

So. . . . HELP!!!!  What are your kids/grandkids getting for Christmas this year??  What would you get for a 9 year old vegetarian who loves animals and social studies and almost NEVER plays with anything toy-ish???  How about a 7 year old who loves horses, puzzles, and reading???  Please leave me a comment with your ideas and suggestions.  Seriously - I'm desperate!  I'll take any suggestions you can offer.

Thanks in advance for your help!!  Hopefully, soon I'll be finished making my list, so I can start checking it twice and doing some shopping!! :-)

You only have 47 days to figure it out!!!!

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