Friday, October 26, 2012


Motherhood is full of emotions.  This is true for all mothers, but the fact that I have three girls makes it especially true for me.  I am constantly surrounded by varying emotions.  Some of them are good; some of them are bad.  Some of them are my own; some of them are my kids'.  Here's a rundown of all the emotions that surrounded me and ran through my home in one afternoon.

anger - from my middle one when I reminded her of her impending dental appointment
joy - from my little one who actually loves going to the dentist and also had an appointment
relief - from all when the dental appointments were completed
panic - from me when I realized I had forgotten to assemble the meatloaf I had planned for dinner and realized that it surely would not be ready in time.
annoyance - from me as everyone suddenly became very needy while I was trying desperately to throw together the fastest meatloaf ever
jubilation - from me when the meatloaf was assembled in record time and in the oven with two minutes to spare! (Yay me!!!!)
pride - from me when Rachel actually asked ME to help her with her math homework
frustration - from Rachel over her math homework
relief - from Rachel and me when the homework was finished (or so we thought)
disappointment- when we realized there was another math sheet
frustration - from me as I listened to my hubby try to explain a new math concept to Rachel
frustration - from Rachel as she listened to my hubby try to explain a new math concept
satisfaction - when the homework was finished and dinner was on the table
happiness and contentment - as we sat together around the table (lasted about 15 minutes)
gratification - when Rachel came to me to discuss an issue that was on her mind 
tension - as I rushed to get everyone bathed and ready for bed
contentment, love, joy, and pride - as I read to my littlest, listened to my middlest, and talked with my biggest
relief - once everyone was settled under their covers
anger and sadness - from the little one over a band-aid that quickly turned into a full-blown tantrum
exasperation - from me as I waited out the tantrum
despair and exhaustion - when I saw the dishes that still needed to be washed, the lunch boxes waiting to be packed, and the laundry that still needed to be folded
bliss - when I finally made it under the covers myself!

Now I admit that not every day is an emotional roller coaster quite like this (Thank Goodness!!!).  However, life is full of emotions.  Some are good.  Some are not so good.  On the worst of days, we can get so caught up in the roller coaster ride that it can be hard to find any of the good feelings.  But they are in there - somewhere along the way.  On those days, we have to hold on the happy just a little bit tighter and remember the old sayings that "this too shall pass" and "the sun'll come out tomorrow."  As my girls continue to grow (and get more hormonal - yikes!), I know there will certainly be emotion-filled days.  Hopefully, I can remember my own advice and cling to the tidbits of joy on those days and let the rest just melt away!

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Shoes said...

This post is a good reminder. I do find myself caught up in the negative emotions that then tend to dominate, in my mind, the rest of the day. Why is it that we cannot latch onto the good and disregard the bad without considerable effort.

Kathy G said...

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all your ups and downs :-) ~TALU~~

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Fortunately, not everyday quite that tiring! Thanks for visiting!

Amelia Rose said...

It's a mom thing, and you described it perfectly! TALU =)

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks, Amelia!!

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