Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seeing the Positive

I know that it is actually Tuesday, but it has felt like a Monday.  It's been one of those days when lots of little things just didn't go my way.  However, I am trying very hard to follow the advice and example of one of our pastors whom I also consider a friend.  She posted on Facebook yesterday about looking for the positives.   I am also leaning on the advice and example from my virtual friend and fellow blogger, Robin, at Pink Dryer Lint who always has such a positive outlook on life.  It's not coming easily, though.  Maybe it's the dreary weather.  Maybe it's PMS (just being honest!).  Maybe I'm just tired.  Maybe it's all of the above.  Writing is therapeutic for me, so I thought that maybe I would write (type) the positive things I could glean from this day and gain a little perspective.  

So, focusing on positives:

1) This morning, I didn't take time to read an email thoroughly and ended up disorganizing something that had already been well organized by others. I do not like the taste of crow, but I had to send another email apologizing and correcting my mistake.  I also was chided a bit by my hubby for being "overly controlling."

Seeing the positive, though, I am thankful for people who can laugh with me at my flaws, forgive my mistakes, and love me anyway.

2) Later in the day I headed out to Target with a laundry list of items to get.  Par for the course, they did not have all the items I needed and one item had no bar code when I checked out.  Since there were about five other people behind me in line and only one other checkout lane open, I opted to just nix the item and move on.  I had time to go to one additional store and still could not purchase all the remaining items on my list.

Seeing the positive, though, I am thankful that I have money to buy the things my family needs and for a safe, reliable car so that I can travel wherever I need to go.

3) My two oldest children are currently arguing - again!!

Seeing the positive, though, I am grateful for healthy, beautiful children who bring me great pride and joy (most of the time!). 

4) I planned a simple dinner of chicken sandwiches and baked fries for supper tonight.  In order to please everyone, however, I had to bake three different kinds of chicken - typical breaded patties for the younger two, vegetarian patties for the oldest, and real chicken for the hubs.  It is only a slight inconvenience, but seems enormous on a day like today.  Then, the little one still turned up her nose and the vegetarian apparently "just wasn't very hungry."

Seeing the positive, though, I am grateful that I can prepare healthy food and eat while I sit around my kitchen table in a warm home with people I love.  I am grateful that those I love will all go to bed with full bellies tonight.

5) Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees and, today, it seems our money is just walking out the door.  Take into account the aforementioned Target list, a pediatrician bill that came in the mail, requests/needs from school for picture money, lunch money, field trip money, and jump rope team t-shirt money and I've been nickel and dimed to death almost.

Seeing the positive, though, I am grateful that we have the funds to pay for these things.  I am grateful for good healthcare, good education, and teachers who plan exciting enrichment opportunities for their students.

Sometimes, the happy and the positive things get buried under the busy, stressful, frustrating things.   The good things are there, but, like finding a buried treasure, digging them up can be hard work - especially on days when things just don't go your way.  In those moments and on days when I lose my way and can't find the positives, I just have to go back to the map and start digging again!

"Don't sweat the small stuff - and it's all small stuff!"
 - Richard Carlson

What are the positive in your life today?

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RevDolly Jacobs said...

What a beautiful reflection Lisa! My new mantra is "Stay Calm, enter the moment, and give thanks" (from Ann Voskamp's book)

Anonymous said...
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Robin Kramer said...

Lisa, I love this practice of seeing the positive. You're a blessing!

Ruchira said...

Like how you look at things and don't loose your cool.

My positives are to shut myself out when my alarm battery squeaks "low battery" and I think to myself that I have someone talking to me during the day...lol

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