Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mommy Blunders

I'm on vacation with my family this week and, while I'm away, I thought I would give myself a little break from writing.  So, I'm rerunning some old posts for your reading enjoyment!  I have gained lots of new followers in the past couple months (Thank you and YaY!!!), so these post may be new to many of you.  Hope you enjoy them!

~This was originally posted on May 14, 2012.  Have a laugh at my expense as you read this one and then feel better about your own "blunders." ~

O.K. y'all - I'm not Catholic, but I'm hoping this confession will absolve me of my sins (or at least my guilt!) and probably make you feel better about yourself! :)  As moms, we all have to stick together and help each other out - in that realm I had a major FAIL last week.

A friend called me on Monday and explained that she was having to go out of town on short notice for a funeral.  Not a fun little vacay, but a funeral.  She was trying to work out all the child care logistics of leaving three kids and a hubby for 24 hours on short notice.  She had one simple request - Could I pick up her 4 year old son and take him to preschool on Wednesday and then bring him back home - a sitter would be there with her littlest one and he just needed transportation.  I would be taking my daughter to the same preschool anyway, so of course I agreed.  It really would be no extra trouble and, more importantly, would help out a friend.  I even ran into her later that day at lunch and we talked about her trip and some of the logistical maneuvering it required.  Then Tuesday came and went.  Wednesday came and went.  Thursday came and went.  Friday, I was out and about when I happened to drive by the restaurant where I had bumped into her on Monday and it hit me like a ton of bricks - I FORGOT HER KID!!!!!!!  Seriously, after I saw her that Monday, it never crossed my mind again until that moment.  What was wrong with me?!?!?  I can't recall a time when I ever felt so guilty, so embarrassed, and/or so much like the scum of the Earth.

I pulled into a parking lot , called her immediately, and apologized profusely.  Fortunately, she was extremely understanding and forgiving.  She said it was "no big deal".  Her son was fine and had just stayed home that day with the sitter who was caring for her baby anyway.  She had every right to be angry and disappointed with me, but she wasn't.  She gave me grace that was undeserved!

Despite her forgiveness, I still feel terribly guilty.  I don't forget things like that.  I was voted "Most Dependable" in high school, for Heaven's sake!!!  I am the one who has to remember all the dates - birthdays, appointments, special events - everything.  I am NOT the one who forgets.  To make it worse, in this case, I didn't just forget a birthday or someone's lunchbox - I forgot someone's kid!!!  Someone else's kid at that. (I think I might have actually felt just slightly less guilty if it was at least one of my own children.)  Aye, aye, aye!

Well, if you have read this far, you have probably vowed to yourself that you will never ask me to transport your child(ren) anywhere, ever.  However, if you ever change your mind - due to faith, bravery, or pure desperation - I assure you I WILL NOT FORGET!!  In fact, I will put it on every calendar in my possession.  I will place about 2,000 sticky notes in prominent places around my home and in my car.  I may even have it tattooed on my right arm!!

(And to my sweet, forgiving friend - I am still really, really, really, really sorry!!!)

So, what are some of your biggest mommy blunders?!?!  Come on  - nobody's perfect.  Please share and maybe we'll all feel just a little better about our own mishaps!


Martha said...

It's happened to us all! Mommy Memory is a true ailment!

Anonymous said...

It happens to us all! Just wait - I'll do it to you and then we'll be even!:) I blunder on a daily basis, and I'm sure I have some doozies coming my way even as we speak.

Robin Kramer said...

Oh, Lisa, we've all done things like this! I once forgot my own child at preschool, if it makes you feel any better. (It probably doesn't, but I thought I'd share!)

Sending a hug!

Lisa Witherspoon said...

Thanks for the support ladies!! I am felling a little less guilty about it! :)

Anonymous said...

I once left my baby with a friend so she could nap while I ran some errands. I ran about five minutes late and I was feeling terrible because I knew she was going to meet up with a friend. Well, I got there and she was gone. I walked into her unlocked house and picked up my sleeping baby whom she had forgotten was there. Nobody was home. See, it could be worse.... ;)

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Wow, I can't imagine the thought of going to my sitter's to find she had left my child. I would have called the freakin cops! I'm glad she wasn't mad. Even if I put things in my calendar, I forget. Or I forget what time something starts, like Waylon's best bud's birthday. I was for sure it started at 11:45 - we left our house at 10:45, when it actually started... and we live 45 minutes away. I suck! It wouldn't be so bad, if we weren't constantly late to get-togethers with them. :)

Karen said...

oh no. doesn't it make you feel even guiltier when they forgive you? I was once part of the MOMS club and became the newspaper person for the club. WHile going through Bankruptcty I just didn't post a newspaper for one month and screwed everyone over. I really messed up and stopped going to the meetings because I was so embarrassed. I was forgiven which made me feel worse. We all mess up, but it shows me that good and decent people are around me. In turn I try to forgive those around me.

Rebecca Erwin said...

So many Mommyblunders, so little time! I have come to appreciate them as reality checks. Yup, I am still human. Not a supermom yet.
Thanks for the hookup

ttoombs08 said...

I wouldn't even know where to start in my long list of Mommyblunders! :)
Enjoying your blog from the Hump Day Blog Hop! :)

MolleyMills said...

We all forget things. I'm sure your friend understood. Thanks for Hooking Up

Journeysof TheZoo said...

You are the cutest. I'm sure that's one of many reasons why your friend loves you and was so forgiving. I haven't forgotten anyone elses kids because I haven't had that responsibility, however, I put my dogs outside and forget about them for hours. Eck. I know a dog isn't the same as a kid but I'm trying here ;)

I'm a new follower of yours via BlogLovin. I'd love it if you linked up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop (

Looking forward to connecting further.

Besos, Sarah
Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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