Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Joy is . . . {#1Word Linkup}

Joy is . . . . 

The sound of my children laughing
The sound of my husband saying “I love you.”
The sound of Sophie (our dog) howling “Hello!”
The sound of my favorite song on the radio.
The sound of silence after a busy day.

The sight of my children sleeping peacefully.
The sight of my husband coming in the door after he’s been away on a business trip.
The sight of the sun breaking through the clouds.
The sight of friends and family when we’ve spent too long apart.
The sight of my girls playing carefree in the rain.

The smell of a baby’s sweet baby scent.
The smell of my husband’s cologne.
The familiar smell of home.
The smell of rain on a lazy Saturday morning.
And, apparently, the smell of Emily’s “blankies.” 

The taste of chocolate, sweet and smooth.
The first taste of coffee in the morning.
The taste of a kiss from my love. 
The taste of victory after conquering that seemingly impossible level of Candy Crush.
The taste of Sun-Drop. 
(If you don’t know what that is, you're obviously not from North Carolina and you're missing out!)
The feel of my daughter’s hand in mine and her wet lips on my cheek.
The feel of my husband’s arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace. 
The feel of warm, fuzzy slippers on my bare feet.
The feel of a cool breeze across my face on a hot day.
The feel of a hot shower to wash away the stress or to help wake me up.

Today, I'm counting my joys instead of my troubles.
Joy is found in life's big moments - getting married, giving birth, happy celebrations.
Joy is also found in the small moments - a smile, a hug, a little unexpected sunshine.
Joy is found in my home, my family, and my many,many blessings.

Are you counting your joys? What are some simple things that bring joy to your life?

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