Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top 10 Things That Give Me Headaches

It starts as a dull, insignificant ache behind my eye or in my temple. I ignore it and go on doing whatever I'm doing.  

Slowly, surely the pain gets worse and, eventually, it can no longer be ignored. My whole head throbs. Light and sound feel more intense than they should. It's miserable. 


Did you know that June 5-11 is National Headache Awareness Week? Me neither until I started doing some research for this month's Tuesday Ten. 

Fortunately, I don't get severe headaches or migraines, but it's not uncommon for me to get a "good" one a couple times a week. It's nothing a couple ibuprofen can't cure, but what would be even better wold be not getting the headaches in the first place. So, what is it that causes my headaches? Well, I made a list! 
  1. My Kids - Of course my kids top the list! I love them dearly, but they are so loud! They talk incessantly, bicker over ridiculous stuff, and ask me 50 million questions a day. 
  2. Social Media - As much as I love it, I also despise it. People squabbling over petty things; judging everyone else for everything they do; and blowing frivolous news stories into epic drama.
  3. Food- Y'all, I am so tired of thinking about food. Packing lunches; what's for dinner; grocery lists; counting calories - it all make say head spin (and hurt!).
  4. My kids' homework -  Thanks goodness school is almost out! If I had to make it through one more meltdown, my head might actually explode! 
  5. Blogging - Lately - well, for the last six months - blogging has been giving me plenty of frustration. Before typing this post, I sat and looked at a blank screen for an hour. I'm still not sure if I want to keep coming back or not, so for now I just keep plugging along despite my current struggles with writing. 
  6. Politics - I love history, but I cannot stand politics. It doesn't matter which side you take on an issue, there will inevitably be someone diametrically opposed to you. It just instigates a lot of arguing and, in the end, nobody ends up completely happy!
  7. Calendars and schedules - With three kids, a traveling husband, my part-time job, and just life - our calendars are full and our schedules are nuts! Some weeks aren't only slightly crazy and other weeks juggling it all is like a very carefully planned balancing act. 
  8. Allergies - I live in one of the worst areas of the country for seasonal allergies, but mine are not only seasonal. Sometimes, mine are totally random. I can be fine all day and, then, at 7:00 at night while I'm at home, my allergies ignite. Sneezing, itchy eyes - its miserable. Since mine can be unpredictable, they can give me literal headaches and they are just so annoying! 
  9. Work - Now, don't get me wrong here. I really love my job and, since I had done it as an interim for two years before it became permanent, I knew exactly what I was singing up for. That being said, though, no job is perfect. There are occasional conflicts to resolve, always events to plan, a variety of people to work with, and, of course, lots more to add to the schedule that is already jam-packed. 
  10. Traffic - We live "out in the boonies" on one side of the county. My kids go to two different school on the opposite side of the county. Combined with work, errands, and after school activities, I spend hours in my minivan each day. It seems like I'm always trying to get somewhere else pronto! Therefore, traffic can be a huge headache. Slow or erratic drivers. Construction. Rain. It's maddening! 
Well, obviously, I can't really eliminate any of these headache sources from my life, so I guess I'll just stock up on ibuprofen! 
What gives you headaches??

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