Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday DW!

Today begins our annual August week of birthday insanity.  Three of the "Spoons" have birthdays in the coming week - Rachel is on the 9th, Emily is on the 11th, and DW's birthday is today!  He is turning 40 and I am sure I could list at least 40 things I love about him, but none of you have the time or the desire to read all that.  So, I'll narrow it down to the top four reasons I love my hubby.

1)  He makes me laugh.  They say laughter is the best medicine.  If that's true, then I will live a long and happy life with DW.  He makes me laugh every day - even when I don't want to; even on the worst days.  The fact is, I am just plain happier when he is around.  

2) He is very smart.  Not just book smart either, but worldly smart.  He has traveled to so many different places and he talks to people from all around the world everyday.  He often teaches me something new or helps me make sense of the things going on around us.  He has a perspective that I just don't and he is always willing to share his insight.  He also knows anything and everything about computers.  He can fix pretty much anything around the house, too.

3)  He is a great dad.  I'm sure he never envisioned himself with three daughters any more than I did.  But, he loves being our "provider" and the man of the house.  He has high expectations for our girls and believes they can do anything.  He gets frustrated with them just like I do from time to time, but they know he loves them unconditionally and they love him right back.  There are few things in life more precious than the sight of a little girl and her Daddy!

4) He completes me.  I know - that is the cheesiest and most overused movie line ever, but a) I love that movie and b) it's true!  When DW is by my side, I am calmer and happier; more adventurous and spontaneous.  He is absolutely my best friend in the whole wide world.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DW!!!!  I look forward to celebrating the next 40 with you!!

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Robin Kramer said...

We go through the same birthday rush (three within a span of eleven days), just in the month of May. I hope that all of your celebrations are wonderful!

Happy birthday, 'Spoons!

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