Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nine Years Ago . . .

Nine years ago today, I woke up early after a restless night, ate a big fat peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and headed to the hospital where doctors induced my labor because the baby I was carrying had actually been due almost two weeks earlier.  After about twelve hours of labor, we finally met our first beautiful baby girl, Rachel.  It is hard to believe she is now nine years old!

I suppose her late arrival should have been a clue to her future personality.  She does things her way and on her terms.  She is not easily persuaded into doing anything she doesn't want to.  I once said that she is the most confident, determined, and self assured kid I have ever met.  That is still very true.  She is unique and wonderful!!

Happy Happy Birthday Rachel!!!  We love you so very much!!!!

Confident and Creative
Heart of gold
Extremely Intelligent
Loves Animals

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