Sunday, September 18, 2011

Menu Planning

I have been tossing around the idea of a blog post about how I do weekly menu planning, so when my friend (actually, my cousin by marriage because our hubbies are cousins - Thanks, Amy!) posted this link on Facebook, I knew it was meant to be! :-)

photo_8036976_calendar.html.jpgI do menu planning on a weekly basis because 1) I am an over-organized, planner and list-maker and 2) it makes my life soooo much easier in the long run.  There are lots of menu planning resources, including software and online databases.  However, I just print out my monthly calendar so I can see appointments, holidays, etc. and then I fill in my menu week by week.  Based on that menu, I make a grocery list and do my grocery shopping over the weekend.  When dinnertime rolls around on our super busy weeknights, I am ready to go!

If I already do menu planning, why I am participating in this menu planning challenge?  Well, because there is always room for improvement and I am open to new ideas.  I look forward to finding out how others plan their menus and to discovering some yummy new recipes.

So, in keeping with the stated challenge, for the next six weeks (beginning next Sunday, Sept. 25) I will post a blog entry on Sunday night or Monday morning that lays out my menu plan for the coming week.  I also plan to include a "tip" each week.  The "tip" will simply be a little tidbit that works for me.  I am by no means an expert menu planner, but, hopefully, my tips will be helpful to others and will encourage others to share their tips with me as well.

Anyone else up for the challenge??  Let the planning begin!

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