Monday, September 5, 2011

Shopping. . .again!

I spent a large portion of this afternoon shopping for fall clothes with Rachel.  Several months ago, I posted about our spring shopping trip.  This one was no less frustrating.  First of all, she hates shopping, so when we go she is already in a grumpy state of mind.  On top of that, here's a list of Rachel's clothing do's and (mostly) dont's:

  1. No jeans.  Absolutely none.  She wouldn't even try any on.
  2. No pants that resemble jeans.  For example, khaki pants with a button/zipper fly, belt loops, and pockets - no way.  Again, won't even try them on.
  3. No tights, which means no dresses.
  4. Nothing pink.  Light pink, dark pink - doesn't matter.  Do you realize how many items of girls clothing are automatically ruled out when pink is not an option?!?!
  5. The only acceptable patterns are solid, sequins, or stripes.  No plaid.  No floral.  No paisley. No polka dots.
  6. In Rachel's world, the "no patterns" rule also includes no graphics.  No peace signs.  No hearts.  No cute little animals.  No words.
  7. Comfort, comfort, comfort.  If things are the tiniest bit itchy, wrinkly, or bunched they are unacceptable.  Material must be soft.  Tags are a incredible annoyance.  Seams are torture.
Have you been in a girls' clothing store lately??  Today we went to five of them - Old Navy, OshKosh, Children's Place, Gap Kids, & Justice.  What did we get??  One outfit (black& white striped shirt with leggings), 3 pairs of yoga pants, one pair of loose-fitting cargo pants, and several fairly plain long-sleeved t-shirts.  When you see my precious Rachel this fall/winter and wonder why in the world such a beautiful young girl is dressed so ridiculously, remember this post and cut me some slack - I beg you!

If only it was still this simple!

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