Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Memories

Easter 2008
Rachel 5, Megan 3, Emily 7 months

This is one of the few matching outfits I have ever bought for the girls.  Aren't they cute???

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Ami said...

I love matching dresses. I blame a childhood watching the Barbra Mandrell Show.

Martha said...

yes!!! Absolutely adorable! My girls won't wear matching dresses anymore (I'm betting that your daughters won't either!) but a mother can still dream!

Anonymous said...

My mom used to get us matching dresses every Easter. Needless to say, once there were five of us the tradition rather evaporated.
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Lissie said...

My mother-in-law makes it her personal mission to buy my (5!) kids matching outfits for Easter and Thanksgiving/Christmas. Which is fine by me because it saves me a ton of money and aggravation. And they look cute - bonus!

Lissie said...

By the way, your girls look absolutely adorable!

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