Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The days leading up to Christmas were hectic as usual for us.  Christmas was great as we spent lots of time with family and got lots of great presents.  However, it is this week after Christmas that I want to remember.

For the past several days, we have been blissfully unencumbered by appointments, errands, and extracurricular activities.  The girls have actually gotten along with each other (for the most part) and have even played together cooperatively for large chunks of time (especially Megan and Emily).  We have slept in and stayed in our pajamas until late in the mornings.  We've had family movie night and family game night.  We've gone out to eat and gotten frozen yogurt.  We've laughed together and relaxed together.  It has been simply wonderful!

Often parents (including me) are ready for "vacations" like this to end so we can send our children back to school and get a little breathing room.  Not this time.  On Wednesday, we will once again go back to the early mornings and crazy days; the hurried evenings and stressful schedules.  Our "stay-cation" will end.

If only I could freeze this week in time, I would gladly repeat it over and over.  I don't remember being so relaxed since this summer when David and I went away for a long weekend without the kids.  My house is dirty and there are commitments looming, but right now - just for this short time - I don't care.  This time with my family has been the greatest gift I could imagine and I am holding on tightly until the last possible second!

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