Friday, February 10, 2012

Product Review - WhoNu Cookies

Have you heard of these nutritional cookies??

Yes, you read that correctly - Nutritional Cookies.  Quite an oxymoron, huh?

Well, I have been seeing these advertised for several weeks now, so, when I saw them at the grocery store yesterday, I decided to grab a box.  They come in this chocolate chip variety as well as an "oreo-like" chocolate cookie with cream filling.  They really are pretty good for you, especially for a cookie.  Here's a rundown of some of the nutrition highlights:

1 serving = 3 cookies = 160 calories

Also in 1 serving:
10 g sugar
2.5 g saturated fat
3 g fiber (same as a bowl of oatmeal)
30% RDV calcium & Vitamin D (same as 8 oz. milk)
25% RDV Vitamin C (same as 1 cup blueberries)
20% RDV Iron (same as a cup of spinach)
20% RDV Vitamin E (same as 2 cups carrot juice)
20% B12 (same as a cup of cottage cheese and fruit)
They are also nut and egg free!

***All of this - even the analogies - came directly from the packaging.

And here is the big shocker -
They actually taste good!!!  My kids ate them and had no idea they were "nutritional."  Megan even asked if I could pack some in her lunchbox today.

One reason they didn't know is because the Whonu people are marketing geniuses.  Inside the very colorful box is this:
A very plain, resealable package that does not draw the children's attention to the good-for-you qualities of the cookie.

As far as I can see, there is only one drawback.  We don't want to teach our children that cookies, in general, are healthy or that you can eat cookies instead of vegetables.  I am sure there are some parents who would think this product is bad because it will confuse children in just that way.  I can certainly see that point.  However, I don't think that will be a problem in my house for two reasons;  
1) If my kids knew these were "healthy," they would never eat them and never believe they actually taste good.
2) With that in mind, I haven't told my girls that these are healthy and, just like the manufacturers intended, the outer box quickly made its way into the depths of the recycling bin never to return.  To the girls, these are just cookies they get as a treat after supper or in their lunchbox.  (And, I am a great mom who actually bought bought cookies at the grocery store and let them eat them!)

Bottom line, I will buy them again.  

How about you??  Do you think this is tricking or misleading kids?  Or, would you buy them, too, and happily watch your kids munch a little extra nutrition - even in the form of cookies?   

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Martha said...

I've seen these too! I'm glad to read your review. I've picked them up and put them down more than once and now I'll probably give them a try. I don't mind hiding nutrients in kids' foods, but I do worry about processed foods in general. With all the allergies in the world, I can't help but believe some of the negative feedback about processed foods in general.

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

I've seen them, but never picked them up or tried them out. It's good to know they've got so much good stuff in them!

Shoes said...

I have never heard of these. I agree with your concern that we don't want kids to associate cookies with healthy so I like your strategy. I may have to try these. My 5 year old discovered Oreos a couple months ago (I think from school) and so we buy the alternative Newman-O's organic oreo-like cookies as a special treat. It will be interesting to compare Newman-O's to the WhoNu ones. Thanks for the information.

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