Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Moms of Boys

For any of you moms of boys out there who might be concerned that you are missing out on the daintier, more feminine side of parenting, let me ease your fears.  Here are two stories about my little "princesses" not being so princess-y!

Story #1

Emily, the little one who is 4, is the most "girlie" one of the three.  She loves Disney princesses and loves to wear frilly, poofy dresses.  She has also recently discovered her own ability to belch.  Not just little burps - I'm talking full on, from somewhere deep down in her gut, sounds like a redneck who just chugged a Bud Lite, BELCHES.  Afterward, she smiles and giggles while swearing that she "didn't mean to" and that she "can't help it."  And, of course, those of us around her can't help but laugh a little, too.  (As if she needs encouragement!)  Very princess-like, don't you think?!?

Don't let that pretty smile and fancy dress fool ya!

Story #2

This is a conversation that actually occurred inside the confines of our minivan over the weekend after a particular aroma made it apparent that someone was passing gas.

Me:  O.K.  Who needs to go the bathroom?
Rachel: Not me!
Megan: Not me!
Emily: Not me!
DW:  Well, it has to be somebody!
Emily:  Yeah!  Somebody farted!
Me:  Emily!  We don't use that word!
Megan:  Yeah - you're supposed to say someone pooted.
Rachel:  Well, it wasn't me!
Megan:  Me either!
Emily: Not me!
DW:  Well, it wasn't mommy or daddy, so it has to be one of you.
Rachel: Not me!
Megan: Not me!
Emily: Not me!
Me:  Well, we are almost home, so whoever it was just go to the bathroom when we get there.
Megan: It wasn't me!
Rachel: or me!
Emily: Not me either!
DW:  Well, somebody did it and that person needs to go to the bathroom.
Me:  Nobody is in trouble, we just don't want you to give yourself a stomach ache later if you need to go to the bathroom, but you won't.
Rachel: Well, I don't need to go because it wasn't me.
Megan: It wasn't me either!
Emily: Not me!
DW:  Fine then - when we get home everyone go to the bathroom and sit there until somebody poops!
Me:  Did we seriously just have this conversation and lay down that consequence?!?!?  ::Sigh::


Martha said...

That is so funny!!! And I loved the boyfriend post from the other day. You daughter with the unsuspecting boyfriend is following The Rules!

I laughed aloud when I got to the part where you said "We don't use that word" because I say that all the time and for some reason, my kids keep saying fart! It drives me crazy!

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

Love it! Haha!

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